About Us

Undergragra.com is a complete education website in Nigeria, mandated to pass quality and legit info seamlessly. We are a group of young undergraduates, tech enthusiasts and we love to disseminate information. Giving you the latest gist going on in our various campuses in the country. We plan to make this place a real home for Undergraduates .Meet our team Click here contact us now

How old is Undergragra?

Undergragra has been in existence for over 5 years now, adding value to students all over the country.

Why should you join the Undergragra Family?

Are you currently an undergraduate student in Nigeria or an intending Undergraduate then this website is for you

What is the meaning of UNDERGRAGRA?

Undergragra is coined from two words “Undergraduates” and “Gragra”

Undergraduates are students currently studying in a tertiary institution while Gragra is a Nigerian word which means to misbehave or act pompous..

“when students gain admission I.e become Undergraduates, they start doing Gragra..

Welcome to Undergragra

Connecting Nigerian undergraduates……

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