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Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 10


The rest of my 100l went with my sexcapades, anytime I am horny I go to papa’s hostel and enjoy the bleep of my life, there was a day Jason accused me that my punani isn’t tight as it supposed to be since he hasn’t touched me for awhile but I lied to him that I do use cucumber to satisfy myself, when I was in 200L, there was a day Tolani came home crying that her boyfriend broke up with her because of his impatient for sex, I consoled her and asked her to give me his phone number so I can help him to stand more firm in faith cos he has always been patient with Tolani according to what she told me. She gave me his number I I called Tolani’s boyfriend and introduced myself he was happy to pour his pains to me, meanwhile I placed the phone on speaker and Tolani was listening to the conversation, at the end of it all he said he will accept tolani back.  Tolani was very happy as she hugged me, she cooked my favorite jollof spaghetti for me in appreciation.

The following day I went to school and I saw Tolani’s boyfriend in the school library, he was happy to see me and thanked me for yesterday, he said he wants to take his leave and I asked if I can come and know his hostel, he said yes happily as we both went outside the school gate and took a bike to his hostel, throughout the ride I was avoiding body contact with him, few minutes later we got to his hostel and we both entered, he has no chair in his room so I had to sit on his bed.. He offered me a can of malt and a digestive Biscuit, then he sat at the edge of the bed, we had a series of discussion I counseled him on how to hold himself for Tolani, I set to leave and he said he will see me off, i was about to open the door when he pulled me back, he held my hand with one hand and held my waist with the other, he stared straight into my eyes and i did the same, our headsvbegan to get close until his lips located mine.

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My eyes was closed immediately as we

began to kiss. I was expecting a resistance but


came. Instead, I felt a hand on my neck as

He held my head and s—-d my lips as he gave

me the kiss of life. Then he step up his game by removing his second hand from my head and dropping it to my neck gradually, the kiss was getting more romantic and passionate and he lowered his left hand from my neck down to my cleavage, he traced the middle of my bosoms down to the lower part of my bosoms on my cloth and he pressed the left bosom, as I gave out a soft moan and jerked my head upwards, he

stopped for few seconds and expecting a resistance and there was none. He decided to take a step further and squeeze the left bosom and the moans was becoming spontaneous.

He decided to switch bosom at intervals from left to the right and back to the left while my cloth

was still on. and took his hand straight downward and started

tickling my laps, he continued tickling and moving  his  hands upwards gradually, he was about few

centimetres from my pants when i dropped

My hand to hold his hand. I removed  my mouth from his and said “stop it”, its ok, let me be going,”ok dear, I’m sorry” He said,i opened the door **its okay, no

problem, as I said and left the room

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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