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Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 12


Dear diary, upon all my sexcapades 30th March 2019 is a memorable day in my life, the day I wholeheartedly gave my life to Jesus.. This is how it happened..

It was a cool Friday morning as Fridays are my work free day in school, I decided to take a stroll down the street around 9:30am in the morning, I passed through a church holding a crusade, there they were showing a drama that hell is real, the drama was about a girl who was committed to God in all she does, she doesn’t club, party or fornicate, she was so devoted to God that all her friends were calling her Jesus wife, she was always found in the church anytime she is less busy either cleaning the church or praying, she had a fiance whom she wants to get married to and she was committed to, one day she got a job interview at a very big company and on getting there the person in charge asked her to give him her body else she won’t get the job but she declined and left angrily, later the man called and begged her not to be offended and he asked her to come and resume work the next Monday, she was so happy.

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The next Monday she resumed work and she has worked for almost 2 months when the boss called her that why can’t she preach the gospel to her and she was happy to hear that, after weeks of preaching the gospel, the boss begin to change.

To cut the long story short, the boss called her one day to come and meet him in a guest house, she inquired what the matter was but he assured her that he meant no harm, the lady Complied and went to meet him at the guest house, when she got there she was offered a drink unknowingly to be drugged, she slept and he raped her.  When she woke up she started crying as the man begged her that it was the work of the devil, she got angry and left the place… Weeks later she was confirmed pregnant and she went to meet the man who advised her to go for an abortion since both of them are not planning to get married and she also has someone she wants to get married to, ignorantly the girl aborted the pregnancy and died in the process , she found herself in front of the angel above and the angel told her that her name is not found in the book of life but she was lamenting that she was this she was that while on earth but the angel reminded her of the single mistake she did, if she hadn’t gone to meet the man in the hotel she wouldn’t have found herself in this dilemma, she was to be scared into the burning flame but God intervened and gave her another chance to go and make things right on earth … Then she woke up on the hospital bed….

I was touched with the film shown and I thought that if this lady can be sent to hell with just a single mistake what of me that is addicted to sin, I cried and I gave my life to Christ right there..

The Bible said if your right hand will make you sin cut it off, so I broke up with Jason as he was the originator of my sin… Then I cut off contact with my sex mates.. And I became a real born again… I met a guy in the Church whom I told of my past and he promised to be with me and my flaws forever.. Presently we’ve been having a sex free relationship for over a year now….

Tolani’s point of view

Chaiii  I Don suffer Ruth repented ke, Lailai this girl cannot make heaven oooo, I will make sure I take revenge on her for sleeping with my boyfriend Noah, I must revenge!!!!…

Ruth you can’t sleep with Noah and repent, Kolewerk ooo Ruth

I will revenge!!!!



Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant and educational informant.

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