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Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 14


I packed my bags and I went to the kitchen to finish the concortion rice I cooked in the morning, I washed the plates and I swept the whole room, I   went outside the room with my loads and I locked the door, I looked left and right to check if any of the hostel mates are around when didn’t see anyone I dashed out of the hostel, I stood at the gate as I waited for a bike to take me to the garage, after waiting for some minutes as bike came I climbed and we headed towards the garage…

“Eko Eko Eko!!!!!  Ojodu Berger! Oshodi Eko”

“Aunty yellow where you dey go?” the agbero asked

“nah dis one dey go Berger o,  dat white one dey go oshodi, aunty yellow enter here”

I entered the bus going to Berger..

The bus started and we moved, after over five hours journey we got to Ojodu Berger and all the passengers alighted, I walked to the Berger garage and entered a bus going to Agege..

I unlocked my phone to call TENI

“Bae what’s up nah I Don reach Lagos o and I dey inside bus going to Agege ”

“If you reach Agege, ask people say you want enter bus wey dey go Toll gate, tell conductor say u go come down for Kola ” she said.

After 15minutes drive we got to Agege and I asked people where I can find a bus going to Toll gate, I was directed to keep walking towards pen cinema bus stop I will see buses going to Sango Toll gate, I walked down as directed and entered a bus…

“Kola Wa o” I shouted

I alighted from the bus and dialed Teni’s number

“Bae how far I don’t dey Kola o” I said

“Oya cross to that AIT road you go see me beside that garage ” she said.

I crossed to the other side of the road and walked towards the garage, I saw TENI waving at me, we exchanged pleasantries as we climbed a bike to her residence we got there around past 10pm..

We talked about our plan and we slept off about some minutes to 12am..

The following morning Ruth called me and I told her that I’m heading to Oye garage and I would be in Lagos before 12pm. .

The girl that sells the sleeping powder came and I gave her 2000 naira for the powder, we also arranged for the girl that will lure Ruth away,  exactly 11am I called Ruth that I’m at oshodi and she said I should take a bus to iyana ipaja from iyana ipaja I should take a bus going to Ikotun and drop at governor road..

I told Teni and the other girl we all went to Ikotun and I called Ruth who said I should wait at the bus stop that she will soon be there.

TENI and the girl sat in a liquor sellers place while I waited for Ruth’s arrival, few minutes later Ruth came and we both hugged and went to her house, after spending 30minutes in her house we set to leave for Landmark Oniru, I updated Teni on whatsapp and she followed suit…

We got to Oniru around 1pm and I wasn’t surprised when I saw Teni and the other girl sitting under a shade, they got there before us cos they went on bike…

The picnic started and we were all dancing to the music playing by the DJ. . Then I noticed that I can’t find Ruth, Teni and the other girl I knew that Teni and the other girl have gone to accomplish the mission, 10 minutes later the two girls came back to where everyone was but Ruth wasn’t with them, I moved closer to Teni to hear the latest update, she said the mission has been accomplished and she showed me the pictures on the phone I was very happy to see the pictures and before we could say Jack Robinson a guy snatched Teni’s phone and ran away..


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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