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Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 5

Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 5


Phillip was surprised at my actions, but it seems all these chapel brothers are hotter than those in the world sef, “are you sure you wanna have a twosome,me nah ex motherfucker o” Phillip said

“F*ck me till I can walk no more” I cried out

Before I could say Jack Robinson the two guys were naked before me, Chai dear diary you need to see the most longest and thickest pr*ck I’ve ever seen, diary these brothers are well endowed I hurried grabbed that masterpiece of Phillips Gods well crafted arts into my mouth, he gagged

me with that I began to cough, while he

squeezed my boobs and was playing with

my clitoris, amongst the two of them, it

was obvious that he was the one who

knows where and how to touch a womans

body, because he expertly used the tip of his

fingers to rub my clit so slow and soft and I

kept groaning with his dick in my mouth.

Just like the porn movies I use to watch at

home in my room in Lagos, I was cumin and my legs were shaking so slow like it caught tremor,

when papa wire was about to cum, I noticed

his face became so stern looking and the

breeze from his breath was felt on my neck

nd Philip keep jeering him to victory

Philip: “O boy fuck dis toto make dis girl

believe you today”

And he begab to fuck so fast while he hung

my leg and my pussy kept making

sound pkam! Kpam! The lubrication was

too much for papa to cum as he

withdrew his dick just few seconds to cum

and his semen sprayed all over the bed

and some on his boxers and Phillip started


Phillip : Choi! Papa, you dey finish


As he stood to wipe the semen off his

boxers, Phillip immediately

switched places with him and slowly

inserted his huge dick too, that was when I

really felt that something huge enough has

entered my body, the cool thing about this

guy was that he didnt need to fuck me hard

because his long thick cock was going deep

and hitting all corners of my pussy he then began with heavy and deep strokes, he

would insert the full length of that cock into

my pussy and only what is seen is the base

of his groin region lapping to my p*ssy

mound, then he would grab just my n*pples,

leaving my br*ast to juggle from his hard

strokes, I covered my eyes and my hands on

his ears as he then began to hit it like I have

always dreamt of, I felt him deep inside me

to a point I began to yell and begged him to

keep on like that, he continued for almost

another 3 minutes and I could feel my p*ssy wall

gripping his dick tight, my clit fully erect as

he kept pinching my nipples so hard, my

cum was so voluminous this time that it

sprayed out like it was a fountain, but this

guy kept f*cking me with the same

precision and strength that my c*m sprayed

so large again and Papa went ranting again

Phillip : I tell you say we dey fuck oh! You no

dey see am? My guy drill dis toto for her joor

And he let out a smile from the corner of his

mouth as he kept driving me crazy and then

he yelled

Phillip : Omo I go release o! Yes I go soon


And he withdrew his dick, I have never seen

anyone in my life which such large volume

of cum, those huge balls of his really poured

out loads of semen that it poured like a mini

pool of water right under my pussy, I laid

there grasping for breath as I said

Me: Thank you for making me enjoy you..

Phillip : it’s our pleasure sister Ruth, now shall we pray

😂 should I continue?


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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