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 Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 6

 Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 6



Pray kwa? ” I asked

“Yes I was actually here for a special prayer with papa, since we are three it will be good for the Bible says where two or more people are gathered…. ” Phillips said as I cut him short

“pastor fire fire, Abeg spare me the scriptures, I need to sleep right now” I said

“Yes I’m also tired, Ruth you bad no be small o you wan kill me for my mama ” Papa said..

We all retired to bed that night and slept off, in the middle of the night I heard someone praying and when I opened my eyes to see the prayer warrior it was Phillips that was praying, in my mind I was like ” e be like say this Bobo no get sense e dey pray after he don bang me finish, na lie u no fit make heaven ” I stood up to meet him as I put my tongue in his ear lobe, he moan and resisted me, I didn’t give up as I know his weak point is his left nipple which I screwed with the tip of my fingers while I was still doing justice to his ear lobe with my tongue before he knew it the Bible in his hand fell down and we f*cked like some porn stars…

At 5am, I wore my maternity gown and left papa’s hostel, the duo were still snoring like a freed prisoner.. I couldn’t get a bike to my hostel as at that time so I got no choice than to trek home.. After 25minutes trekking I got home and knocked the door Tolani came to open the door

“Pastor Mrs na wa you no even wait make morning come before you leave church ” Tolani said.

“Babe see I’m very tired Ehn that’s why I came back home ”

“wetin do your Voice why you no dey talk well”

“Tola see Ehn you missed a lot o, it was as if all the prayer points were for me, I prayed as if I won’t pray again ” I said.

“Shey you Sha pray for me sha”

“Iffa no pray for you wetin I gain ” I lied

“I trust you nah, I couldn’t go to the club yesterday ” Tola said

“why what happened nah? ” I asked

“Nothing o I just changed my mind “she said..

I retired to bed and we slept off.. I woke up at 9am I didn’t see Tolani in the room “oh my goodness, I’m supposed to have a class by 8am now the time is past 9” I rushed to the bathroom had a quick shower and set out to leave the hostel, I got to the bus stop and took a bike straight to Oye campus, I got to the lecture room and met some students outside they said the lecturer did not allow them to enter the class so I joined the latecomers, 1 hour later the lecture came to an end as I was about leaving the hall someone grabbed my hand I looked back to see who the dumb Ass is then I saw a fair ugly guy

“hey porn star how you doing ” he said

“And who are you to call me a porn star, Biko dey no go pour sand for you garri o” I said looking at him disgustingly

“Spare me the pretense please” he said.

He dragged me to a corner and said

“Yesterday I was aware of the role you played in Samuel’s room, you banged two fellowship pastors u sef nah church sister”

“oh my God, please don’t expose me what do you want from me” I begged

“You will do what you did with those guys yesterday with me tonight ” he said

“what!!, I can’t do that please tell me something else ” I said as I looked at his burnt teeth, his smelling mouth and his super ordinary ugly face.. I can’t even hug him not to talk of kissing those lips, I spat in disgust.

“is either you f*ck me or I expose you “he said and walked away.

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant and educational informant.

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