Does KSU/PAAU Accept Second Choice in 2024|See Valid Answer

Does KSU/PAAU Accept those who did not pick them in JAMB

 Does KSU/PAAU Accept Second Choice, Does KSU/PAAU Accept those who did not pick them in JAMB.. See Valid Answer 

Does KSU/PAAU accept second choice? 

Ksu /Paau accept second choice

Lol, you really want to know if the Kogi state university now called Prince Abubakar Audu University,Anyigba (KSU/PAAU) accepts second choice right?

Please just relax..

A lot of aspirants have asked questions relating to this and all I will tell you is… Just relax..

Some even go on to ask “does KSU/PAAU accept people that didn’t pick them in Jamb?”

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Well, the good news is that JAMB Now Allows candidates to choose Universities as Second choice during registration, but the not so good news is that not all Universities or schools can be used as second (2nd) choice during JAMB Registration.

JAMB has selected the list of schools that can be used as second choice to better increase the chances that each Candidates have to be offered admission for the session.

Enough of beating around the bush

Does KSU/PAAU accept second choice 

Does KSU/PAAU Accept Those That Choose It as Second (2nd) Choice in JAMB?

 Or in Other Words, Does KSU/PAAU Offer Admission to Candidates who Choose It As Second Choice?No!. Another sad news is that the Kogi state university now called Prince Abubakar Audu University,Anyigba  is not among the selected schools that JAMB Choice as second choice universities.

But in reality, KSU/PAAU don’t accept 2nd choice at all, even most schools won’t…

There is a good news ☺

What’s the good news?

You can apply for the KSU/PAAU postutme screening… even with awaiting results

But your result must be out before the admission process ends.

Does Kogi state university now called Prince Abubakar Audu University,Anyigba (KSU/PAAU) Accept those who didn’t pick them in Jamb 

KSU/PAAU accepts those who didn’t pick them in Jamb to participate in the screening only… But you will have to fill a manual form

In recent times you won’t even be allowed  to participate if you don’t pick them as First choice

For students who want to participate in the ongoing KSU/PAAU screening form and haven’t registered cos there change of institution have not reflected on KSU/PAAU portal. Dm me..

You need the following details if you applied for KSU/PAAU with second choice or didn’t choose KSU/PAAU in Jamb

  • Jamb reg no
  • Surname and Name
  • Other Name(s)
  • Faculty
  • Course of Study
  • State
  • Local Government
  • Sex
  • Mode
  • Aggregate
  • [A’Levels: IJMB, JUPEB]
  • Enter Jamb Score

Mind you this was used in the past and is no longer valid!!!

If you can fill in the form accordingly… You are good to go.. But you need to do one more thing.

You need to do change of institution to KSU/PAAU

Also remember to upload your results on caps

Now, those candidates who meet KSU/PAAU Admission KSU/PAAU Cut Off mark or Minimum requirements for admission will qualify to participate in Their Screening exercise or Post-UTME.

Should the Second choice candidate who applied for KSU/PAAU meet the departmental Cut off mark, he/she will be offered admission into the Kogi state university now called Prince Abubakar Audu University,Anyigba  to study the course in question…. But you must change your institution on Jamb portal.

No University,Polytechnic or College of Education/Health accepts second choice anymore.

It’s either you make them first choice or nothing especially with the introduction of JAMB CAPS,you can only get admission into one school and accept it on JAMB portal.

If you have further questions please use the comment box


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