Does UI Accept NABTEB Result? | Unveiling the Answer


Does UI accept NABTEB result? For reasons that I’m yet to figure out, so many intending undergraduates see NABTEB as an inferior result when compared to the popular WAEC and NECO.

Are you contemplating the use of your NABTEB result to secure admission into the prestigious University of Ibadan (UI)? The uncertainty surrounding this question is not uncommon, especially when compared to the broader acceptance of WAEC and NECO results. But here’s the definitive guide to put your concerns to rest.

What is NABTEB all about?

ui accept nabteb result

NABTEB, or the National Business and Technical Examinations Board, was established in 1992 to take charge of certain examinations previously conducted by international bodies like City and Guild of London and Royal Society of Arts.

It aimed to tailor these exams to suit local needs, reducing the reliance on foreign examination bodies like WAEC.

Does UI Accept NABTEB Result For Admission?

Now, the critical question – Does UI Accept NABTEB Result for Admission? The good news is, yes! The Federal Government has endorsed NABTEB certificates for admission into Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education in Nigeria. UI, being a reputable institution, recognizes and accepts NABTEB results. However, there’s a crucial detail to consider.

UI and other higher institutions will accept NABTEB certificates for admission, but this is generally applicable to courses within the Vocational, Engineering, and Technical departments. So, if your desired course falls under these categories, you’re in luck.

Does UI Accept NABTEB A Level Result?

While UI accepts NABTEB results for regular admission, it’s essential to note that the NABTEB A Level result, akin to JUPEB/IJMB and OND results, is no longer considered in the admission process. This doesn’t diminish its value; it can still be beneficial for job applications and qualifications but not for securing admission.

FAQs About NABTEB and UI Admission

  1. Can I combine NECO and NABTEB for UI admission?
    • Yes, you can.
  2. Can I combine WAEC and NABTEB for UI admission?
    • Absolutely, it’s permissible.
  3. Is NABTEB accepted abroad?
    • Yes, NABTEB is recognized internationally.
  4. Is NABTEB accepted worldwide?
    • Indeed, NABTEB holds global acceptance.
  5. Do UK schools accept NABTEB?
    • Yes, NABTEB is accepted by schools in the UK.
  6. Is NABTEB equivalent to a diploma?
    • Yes, NABTEB is considered equivalent to a diploma.
  7. Can I use NABTEB to study abroad?
    • Certainly, NABTEB results are valid for studying abroad.
  8. Can I use NABTEB to enter polytechnic?
    • Yes, NABTEB is a recognized qualification for polytechnic admission.
  9. Can I use NABTEB to enter the university?
    • Absolutely, NABTEB is accepted for university admissions.

In conclusion, if your academic journey leads you to UI and you possess a NABTEB certificate, rest assured that UI Accepts NABTEB Result for Admission, particularly for courses aligned with Vocational, Engineering, and Technical departments. Always cross-verify using the JAMB Brochure for added assurance. Your path to higher education at UI with NABTEB is open and promising.

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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