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Friends In Love Episode 1

Friends in Love

The Very Beginning

Episode 1
‘I am sorry you’re not my type, gosh!’

‘Hey baby what do u need I’ll give it to you, I’ll take a bullet for you, I cannot think again cos you are making me feel pain,you’re prettier than the morning, I dream of u at night, I…..’ Desmond was saying this close to tears before he was cut short by Julliet.
‘Eehs! Eehs! ,what is it with you boys eehn? Aba! why can’t u just leave us alone in peace’ Julliet said with anger clearly showing on her face .
‘I love u girl,stop all this resistance and give me a chance please ‘ Desmond continued with determination.
Julliet and Jummy were getting really tired of those idiots called boys.
‘Man, pls get out of our way or else….’ Jummy said with an outpour of rage.
Shamefully, Desmond walked out of their presence, he’s never felt this bad all his life. He fell in love with Julliet since his first year in school and now this is third year, he tried asking her out severally , but she never gave him a chance.
Julliet and Jummy couldn’t hide their laughter has he left their presence.
‘You see those yeye boys eehn…’ Juliet said almost laughing to tears.
‘It’s like they find it so difficult to put their things in their pants ‘Jummy finally said and hopped into the driver’s seat of the car.
***** ****** *****
Julliet also known as Julie and Jumoke who prefers being called Jummy have been friends for decades. They went to the same secondary school and through the influence of their parents they came to the same university, same department and same level.
I’m sure you’re wondering why they hate guys so much. Both girls have had series of break-ups in the past which made them conclude that all guys are the same. They’re both from wealthy families and 300 level students in the University.
Julliet is really beautiful with those long legs,she is light skinned, has this captivating figure that makes you wonder and She has this lovely dimples whenever she smiles, trust me you’ll love her at first sight.
Jummy on the other is short and sharp,she has this extra large boobs and an enormous behind that will make your are jaw drop, this is a lady you’ll easily call portable,she is also light and looks so innocent, she looks so easy to approach but she’s the toughest among the two.
******* ******** ******
Julliet switched on the car’s DVD player and the whole car was filled with falz the bahd guy’s “well done sir”
‘Julie ‘ Jummy called with joy written all over her face.
‘Warrisit na’ Juliet replied without any interest.
‘My birthday is close ‘
‘Seriously? ‘ Julliet replied with surprise in her voice.
‘I thought u weren’t interested na, any ways it’s June….’
‘Babe!’ Julliet shouted making Jummy bring the car to a halt.
Let me see ur view on the story, so I can continue with episode 2.
By Ace
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Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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