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Friends in love episode 11

Friends in Love

Written by Ace
Episode 11
*continued from the last episode*
She came closer and said ‘Hi’
For the first time in his life he tried to talk but he couldn’t…….
‘Why don’t we go to a nearby eatery’
Dave nodded affirmatively.
The walk to the eatery was quiet, the two not knowing who will talk first.
‘Dave!’ Someone screamed as they entered the eatery.
Dave turned around although he was scared, only to see his worst nightmare.
‘Dave you are cheating on me with this lesbian slut’
‘how dare y….’
‘Excuse me’ Julliet calmly said cutting Dave shut
‘Who is the lesbian? Who is the slut?” Julliet asked staring at Tracy straight into her eyes.
‘Leave him alone for me’ Tracy said with boldness though fear had taken its grip on her
‘If I see you anywhere near my boo again,you and your dad will be in prison” she said then paused
“Or wasn’t it your Dad just got released last month?’ Julliet said with scorn.
This made Tracy mad, the two of them started a fight which Dave eventually stopped and sent Tracy away.
‘I’m sorry Julliet’ Dave said pleading
‘Dave’ Julliet said with a low tone
‘I’m in love with you’
Gbaun! She dropped the bombshell! The whole place stood still like flashtime. The whole place suddenly became silent and cold like the grave.
‘Since that moment I saw you on stage…’ she said and started crying
‘Pls stop this’ Dave said
‘You see what just happened? Dave I’ll do anything for you’
‘I must admit I gat feelings for you too, really strong one that I haven’t felt before…..
Days passed, the news was all around….
Dave and Julliet!
‘Julliet what did you see in that guy?’
‘Lemme jhoor’
Jummy was suprised with the way her friend was acting…
‘pesin wey be gold digger’ Jummy said walking out of the room
‘Stop it please’
Her phone rang and she picked it up almost immediately.
‘how are you?’
‘I’m good! I’m missing you jhoor’
‘Jeez! We met yesterday night na’
‘can I come to your house’
‘Yes!’ someone else screamed
‘Dave who’s that’
‘My roomate’
‘Please give it to him’
Dele grabbed the phone from Dave’s hand
‘Hello bae’ Dele said in that falz’s voice making Julliet chuckle
‘hi’ she said smiling
‘Come to our house now, Asin if u like no wear cloth, Asin run now!’ Dele said and this particular one made Julliet laugh so hard she was almost crying.
Dave snatched the phone from Dele’s hand
But she already hung up
‘Jummy mehn you startled me, I thought you went out’
‘I just came to play a voicenote from Desmond’
Jummy brought out her phone and played the voicenote
“Jummy! Tell Julliet that I will kill anyone who comes in between us! The love I have for her Is more than the love a mother hen has for its chicks”
“A word is enough for the wise”
Watch out for episode 12
You don’t know Desmond?
Read episode 1


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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