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Friends In Love; Episode 3

«Friends in love»

»»Episode 3»»
‘Na God go punish all this mosquitoes aswear, see as them chop person’Dele muttered as he jumped off the bed.
The room had a very tiny window and was very rough and ugly,it looked just like a hut, the walls weren’t painted and the floor was poorly cemented, the person who cemented the floor must obviously be a farmer.
Dave and Dele were two close friends they met in their 1st year in the University, Dele came from a poor family while Dave had no parents.
Dele wasn’t so bad looking, only that he is very black like he lives in the sun, he is a 400 level Geology student.Dave on the other hand is a light skinned,very handsome guy with those pink lips girls can die for, he is a 400 level theatre and media arts students he is popularly known for his beauty and his stage name’D-Strings’ because he plays guitar to make money.
Dele yawned lazily as his eyes wandered round the room and back to the bed where his room mate was sleeping.
‘Dave! Wake up abeg’ Dele shouted trying to wake up his friend.
‘leff me guy’Dave murmured as he rolled towards another part of the ugly bed which they both shared.
Dele went to his box and brought out a world map.He studied it for a while and after sometime he screamed.
‘Guy wetin happen?’ Dave said as he woke up scared thinking his friend was in danger.
‘Wetin do you?’
‘Guy you no see am?’Dele asked smiling.
‘What?’Dave asked as he walked towards where Dele sat.
‘Guy look at Canada located in the Northern Hemisphere, at the
Northern end of North America.’ 
‘Meaning?’Dave asked looking confused.
‘Guy that’s where I want us to go after we graduate’Dele said smiling.
‘O boy! the shepe wey u drink neva leave ur body, how is that even possible?’
‘Watch and see’Dele said as he picked up Dave’s guitar. ‘With ur guitar we will organize shows bro’
‘We go make am’
‘Stop deceiving yourself, Guy I get lectures abeg’Dave finally said.
***** ***** **** ****** ******
‘My wallet is missing’ Paul finally said and he suddenly began to sweat….
‘What the f! So u had no money on you and you wasted our time’Jummy said looking very angry
‘My wallet was sto….’
‘Shut the f**k up!’Julliet shouted interrupting Paul.
‘Babe let’s leave this place joh, I no dey mood’ Jummy said dragging her friend away.
‘Did you do it?’ Jummy asked giving that ‘u be bad girl’ look.
‘Do what?’Julliet asked like an innocent child accused wrongly.
Julliet and Jummy walked out of the mall and Julliet brought out a wallet from her bag and disposed in the dustbin.
‘Babe! U wicked!’ Jummy shouted and started laughing.
‘Na u teach me na’ Julliet said laughing. 
The two friends laughed so hard as they went back to the car.
‘The guy is a broke idiot’Julliet said amidst laughter.
‘How much did he have in the wallet?’
‘5k and one ugly atm card’
The two friends couldn’t hide their laughter, they laughed so hard you’ll almost think they were drunk.
Ko ko ko! , a security man knocked on their window………..
Story written by Ace
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Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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