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 Fuoye Admission Process 2023, How Fuoye Gives Admission

FUOYE Aspirants Whatsapp Group

Has FUOYE admission process started?

Fuoye admission process has started of course but not fully.. 

Please when will FUOYE start giving admission for this year?

Very soon

Fuoye asked to me change the course before I can proceed.. 

Fuoye did that because you didn’t meet the cutoff for your course or you didn’t meet the Olevel requirements for that course 

FUOYE Admission Process, How Fuoye Gives Admission Explained 

How does Fuoye admission process even look like… ?

Some days ago some of you must have seen my post about Fuoye admission list…. So many of you were angry.. 

😂 It was too high right? 

Another set of aspirants thought I was dropping a fake news 😂 

If only you’d read it through… If you didn’t read that one… Thank God you’re here. 

I’ll explain better here.. 

Check that post out sha

(Fuoye admission list update) 

Fuoye admission process comes in different phases 

  • Before Screening 
  • During Screening 
  • After Screening 

I’m sure you’re like, mister blogger biko explain this thing 😂 

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Before Screening 

Something happens before FUOYE screening, FUOYE collects a list of students who chose their school as first choice. 

They gather the list of names and upload it on their portal 


During Screening

When Fuoye screening(link) starts, a lot happens at this point in time. Y’all should know what screening is right.

See : how to calculate fuoye screening point

Just the submission of your results on Fuoye portal, that’s all.,

Fuoye doesn’t do exam and the screening process is so smooth, that’s why a lot of students picked Fuoye.. Including me 😂 😂

Technically admission process has started during the 2 phases we’ve touched… But we can actually call it pre-admisson process

Now let’s go to the main phase

After Screening

After Fuoye screening has ended two major things come up

Fuoye Screening Result(link) 

Fuoye screening result comes out as soon as the screening ends.. Between 2 to 4 weeks after screening has ended 

 (When will Fuoye screening result come out?) 

The Fuoye admission list is the big deal, the main reason why we applied for Fuoye is to gain admission 

Checkout : how to gain admission into fuoye easily with my personal story 

The Fuoye admission list or better still the real Fuoye admission process comes in 3 major phases 

The FUOYE 1st batch admission list 

During the 1st batch admission list, this is what happens.. 

Fuoye carves out a list out of 

  • The Fuoye merit list (People who met the cutoff just like the one in that my former post.. Its always high) 
  • The Economical Less Developed States ( I explained this before) 
  • And the real deal.. The Catchment Area (Let me explain this again, states around Ekiti have their own merit cutoff mark different from the normal merit cutoff.. Why? 😂 I don’t know, but that’s the way they do it in all schools in Nigeria.. Take for instance, if the cutoff for accounting is 68, Ondo state might pick 66 as their own cutoff and Osun might pick 70 as their cutoff… What you should pray for is that the cutoff should just favour you) 

FUOYE 2nd batch

If you missed the Fuoye 1st batch admission list… Ma forr 😂 

You think the score is too high abi… So you’re among those who said the screening cutoff for last year is fake abi 😂 

“Don’t deceive your self, in every class.. There are those efikos, igi iwe who won’t let pesin rest.. The number of people with very high point determines how high your screening cutoff for your department will be”

After 1st batch has come out… Let’s say the cutoff for your department is 63

Fuoye might or will remove like 5 points from it..That will be 58%

So those who have around 58% will qualify… (Those of you in my aspirants group, I hope you understand how the stuff is now) 

FUOYE 3rd batch admission list /Supplementary List

Finally, we’re here.. 

At this point, a lot of students get frustrated, dejected.. They become spiritual, praying to God every now and again…

The fact about it is, only those with GRACE or badass connection get admitted around this time..

VC List

This list is not for children 😂.

If yyou don’t get it, forget about it

In conclusion, Fuoye admission process is really straight forward, Jamb/Utme > Olevel(Waec/Neco) >Screening >Admission 

By God’s grace y’all will be admitted. 

Feel free to ask me any questions… Use the the comment box below (ensure that you comment with your email to follow up when I reply). 


Please do well to drop a comment if this has really helped you. Thanks❤️


Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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