How to easily gain admission into FUOYE in 2023|True Life Story

How to gain admission into Fuoye  easily with my personal story 

How on earth can I gain admission into Fuoye  without stress? How can somebody easily gain admission into Fuoye ?  Questions like this race through the minds of so many aspirants… I felt the same way some few years back and I needed a way out of the mess!!! 

How to gain admission into fuoye
  • How I gained admission into Fuoye  with ease
  • The mistakes I made 
  • The Fuoye  admission secret for easy admission into Fuoye  
  • Few words of advice in order to gain admission into fuoye 

Hey whatsup, Im about to talk about how to  gain admission into Fuoye  easily no one has told you. If you are reading this post there are two things involved;

1. You are yet to do Fuoye  screening and you really want to know this Fuoye   admission secret

 2.You have done screening and you are waiting for Fuoye  admission list.

Did I guess right?Anyway, if you met any of the conditions above then this post is for you. So just sit back and relax…. Take a chill pill and take a sip of champagne .😂

 I’ll be sharing my personal experience on how I gained admission into Fuoye  easily If you are yet to write Jamb, read this “how I scored above 250 in Jamb”(I’m yet to make this post) I’m post the link here once I’m done .

Like I said before, Ill be sharing my personal experience. I applied Fuoye  twice in a roll.. I mean two time back to back I know you must be wondering, “why on earth will someone have to choose a school like Fuoye  twice?”There are better schools na… Haba.

Well its because you haven’t read this.. 5 reasons to choose Fuoye to choose Fuoye .

Undergragra stop beating about the Bush biko, tell us how to gain admission into  Fuoye  oo,Hey, just take it easy… Ill start by telling my story. 

How I gained admission into Fuoye  with ease

How to gain admission into fuoye

My Fuoye  admission story begins..story story..lol… 😂  Leaving secondary school was awesome, but the after effect was crazy,or was it when we were waiting for Jamb result? Mehn that shit made me feel like someone waiting for Hiv test result..lol.. You remember that feeling right?

  Especially when you feel like you failed Mathematics or English Language or Literature 😂 ..

read this (art courses you can study without literature) 

Well my result was out and the result was okay sha. So I tried a school sha(don’t let me mention the name here, cos when they didn’t give me admission,I hated the school). 

In 2017 I had more experience…. I was a boss…. As a matter of fact, I was far more mature compared to the year before, I had gone to the Polythecnic and I wrote Jamb from there.

When I saw my score was okay, I saw no reason to continue in the Polythecnic… I left (I regretted that decision) . It was around that time I started making short posts on Facebook advising people about school related stuffs even though I was still an aspirant as at that time.

Then I did my research and discovered a school called “Fuoye ” Federal University Oye ekiti…I was like “which school is this one bayii” After doing a little more research, I saw that only 5k students applied for the school in the year 2016, I was shocked “Federal Uni?”

See the pic of how people chose Fuoye  in 2016

Fuoye admission secret

After this amazing discovery, I jumped up “Eureka”“I don enter school” I said to myself….. I didn’t know Fuoye  will shenk me and there was still a lot to learn. I mean a lot! 

I registered for Fuoye  and I was hopeful…..did I say hopeful?  I was so sure of myself,Something happened in 2017 that made the school popular, do you remember the news about a lady who wanted to flush a baby she delivered in Fuoye  hostel?.

Yeah, some of you might not have heard of it , to cut the long story short, the school that had barely 5k students now had over 30k students!!.

I remember back in 2017, one Sunday morning Fuoye  gave everybody admission and revoked it in the afternoon …lol   Fuoye  did many of us bad ..lol…

The Mistakes I Made That didn’t make me gain admission into Fuoye  

Gain admission into fuoye

You are probably wondering right?  What mistake made you lose admission into Fuoye ? Firstly I need to tell you guys this, you guys right now are kind of lucky, why?You have your jamb cutoff known already.

If you don’t read this ”Fuoye  jamb cutoff”Your Olevel combination is already stated , so it becomes difficult to make a mistake there.

.See also :how to calculate fuoye screening point


Your scratch card has to be verified, you cant loose admission cos of a stupid reason like that, trust me some did…Now what was my mistake

1.Wrong Olevel Combination

Hmm…. I honestly didn’t know I made this mistake until 2018, infact I started to hate Fuoye ….my screening point was high.. so I was expecting my name on first batch..I applied for Computer Engineering with Jamb score of 227 and my Fuoye  screening point was 60%.

I was so sure of the admission that I got angry and sent an email to the school.. 😂 So umm, the right olevel combination is “ maths,eng,phy,chem and one other sci subject”And guess what, I didn’t do Biology but I looked at my result and saw A1 in Geography …sweet I thought.

I actually thought geography was a science subject oo.Only if I had used my further maths, I might have been admitted.Lesson to learn: cross check your olevel combo, over and over again…..After checking please check again

 2.Over Confidence

I was like “ Is this school whining me ni?”I had 60%! Admission is sure, the major mistake I made here wasn’t over confidence but not seeking advice.. well people who advised us then were few…compared to now… there are so many of them. Let’s stop here for now… 

The Fuoye  Admission Secret for easy admission into Fuoye  

Admission secret for Fuoye admission

Whenever people tell me admission in Fuoye  is difficult, that shit annoys me ehnn..Wait fess are you okay sha?  Nothing in this world is easy, you got 48% and you expect your name with 1st batch. Is that meant to be a joke? 

As a matter of fact admission is always tough, yes what do you expect?… why don’t you try going to your Unilorin or UI or Unilag or Fuoye ’s big   brother Futa?

In some of the school”s I mentioned above, even with a good olevel and Jamb result you wont still be admitted… don’t let me mention names… not to talk of that thing called post utme

 1.Cross-check your jamb and olevel subject combination to see if it is right for your course. 

 Yeah, this is the main reason I didn’t gain admission in 2017. Click here to check out the combinationSee , the place where many people have made error is, Jamb combination… You will be cursing the school , not knowing that its your fault.

I was angry at Fuoye  until I realized my error, there is one common error among students aspiring for engineering, they use eng, phy,chem,bio…. Forgetting maths…So please check again, if you have made any error…contact me asap,that’s why im here for you guys.

2.Fuoye  admits on merit

I can argue that anywhere, Gbam! You are thinking im saying shit right? After trying Fuoye  the second time, my Fuoye  screening score increased and of course I was admitted before people even started posting on facebook..lol..First batch gang 💯.

 If you have above 60 as your Fuoye  screening score and you haven’t been admitted…If you really need that admission, carry your parents, preferably your mom… see this shit happened two years consecutively that I knew about… so I had two lady friends like that,not friends like that shA.

The first one was in 2017, everyone was getting admitted, her screening score was close to 70! But she was lucky, her parent made one call… she got admitted asap…but not everyone can make that call, there is another call you can make… that’s how that babe got Fuoye  admission o.

The second one was in 2018, she also had above 60 and she wasn’t admitted after 1st batch…. Then her mom did something, not up to a week after they entered Vcs office at Oye..lol.

The moment you mention your Fuoye  screening score and its solid and they check your combo and its okay, see ehn , Fuoye  will admit you…act fast.The other girl admitted shortly after..she had a great Fuoye  screening score.. so what do you expect.

Now you think I’m saying shit right?  And you feel you’ll be embarrassed or something… Think about the embarrassment of that moment and you having to wait one full year at home. Which is more painful? Just try to contact the school, don’t send emails… They never reply… Call (when I edit this post next I’ll add the phONe number here) 

This is the main method that got me admission into Fuoye  

Fuoye screening point

3.Aim for a particular Fuoye  screening point

(this is useful for people yet to write Jamb)When I decided to try Fuoye  the second time, I aimed for a screening score of 70, did I achieve it?NO…Why? As at that time, I made my calculations based on wrong olevel combo…after I recalculated that was 68… did I achieve that…hmm.

Calculate your Fuoye  screening result without Jamb first..e.gUndergragra needs to easily gain admission into Fuoye   and he wants to apply this step






C6 1MK


So Undergragra had a1in 1 subject, c4 in 3 subjects and c6 in 1 subject..And I was using 1 sitting1 A1 = 1 x6 =6mks3 C4 = 3 x 3= 9mks1 C6 = 1×1= 1mk1 sitting = 106+9+1+10 = 26/40Remember Jamb is over 60…So I have 26mks already right? Now for me to get 60 mks I need to get?Of course I need to get 34 points from Jamb.

First,let us calculate it together

Jamb score/400 x 60So with 227, 227/400 x 60 = 34.0534.05 + 26 = 60.05(lol this was my exact score in 2017)It pays to have a high Jamb score , a good olevel isn’t bad toSee how I did it(still working on that article) .

A good Jamb score can do a lot, lets have a brief comparison between my Fuoye  screening result in 2017 and 2018


Maths C6English C5Physics C5Chemistry B2Geography A11 sittingJamb score = 227So I(Undergragra ) had a1in 1 subject, b2 in 1 subject,c5 in 2 subjects and c6 in 1 subject..using 1 sitting1 A1 = 1 x6 =6mks1 B2 = 1 x 5 = 5mks2 C5 = 2x 2= 4mks1 C6 = 1×1= 1mk1 sitting = 106+5+4+1+10 = 26/40Remember Jamb is over 60… I had 227 that yearso just like I calculated above I had 34.05


In 2018 after aiming for a higher Fuoye  screening point, I realized Jamb was the key…First,the goal was to hit 300 in Jamb…but we cant deny the fact that a good olevel result is equally important.

Secondly I hard to prepare hard.

Third, do yo know Jamb is over hyped,as a matter of fact,its too easyI hit 285…..after calculating my Fuoye  screening score I thought I will get 68…infact my target was 300. I wanted to have 70% 😂 I’m not greedy So I(Undergragra ) had B2 in 1 subject, c4 in 3 subjects and c6 in 1 subject..using 1 sitting.

Unfortunately,my olevel dropped this year, cos I had to change Geography (A1) to Technical Drawing (C4), coupled with the fact that I didnt hit 300..1 B2 = 1 x 5 = 5mks1 C4 =1 x 3 = 3mks2 C5 = 2x 2= 4mks1 C6 = 1×1= 1mk1 sitting = 105+3+4+1+10 = 24/40 (dropped!)I had 285 this time at least, it will help meSo with 285, 285/400 x 60 = 42.7542.75 + 23 = 65.75That’s how I made first batch oo.

Then I began to feel, big lol..I started doing gragra…thats how Undergragra came into existence..undergraduate with the word undergragra.. undergraduates doing gragra

More Fuoye  admission secrets to easy admission into Fuoye  

Admission into fuoye

4. Awaiting results is risky

Another way to gain admission into Fuoye  easily is, awaiting result is so risky…why?Over and over again, Fuoye  closes the portal before result comes out especially Neco..So basically that’s why its risky, but there is one good news and another secret.

Fortunately the Fuoye  always extends her registration deadline..One  secret is, even after registration has closed, Fuoye  opens her portal once in a while(don’t worry when Fuoye  portal opens ill notify you guys)

5.You might have issues with Nabteb

For Fuoye  admission if you have any other result other than Nabteb , Ill advise you to use another result oo. People who use Nabteb always have issues during registration. Its just an advise.

Fuoye  prefers Waec, there are other types(when the time comes you will understand)2nd choice is a no !

6.Ask questions ,don’t be in a hurry…

Itk dey kill.. (I can relate) Do you want to hear another secret , if you want to process Fuoye  admission and you are in a hurry you will make costly mistakes that will cost you your admission.

Lets take for example, for the past 2 yrs, after a complete Fuoye  screening registration.

Fuoye  portal displays two things,

Application Completed – This happens when you’ve done every thing necessary

Application Not Completed – This happens when you’ve not done the needed and it happens to people who rush, now I’m warning you before hand.

Monitor Fuoye  portal and watch out for this… A friend of mine almost lost her admission due to this…. And Im sure many did, monitor your portal like football live score..

Other mistakes I didn’t make but students frequently make that didn’t make them gain admission into Fuoye  

1. Wrong Jamb subject combination

 Fuoye  will let you know if your olevel combination is wrong but they’ll never tell your Jamb subject combination is wrong.. Do yourself a favour and check this out here.. In the year 2021 ,Fuoye started a new method of telling people if they used wrong Jmab subject combination.

 2. Application not completed

 Do I need further explaining… As a matter of fact I have explained this in the 6th Fuoye  admission secret to gain admission easily in Fuoye  

3. Wrong or incorrect scratch card/olevel pin

This is still related to be in a hurry and some times its tension.. Some times it can be eye problem… You know our eye at times skip things. Never be in a hurry.. Many people lose admission into Fuoye  cos of this. If you face an issue like this in the future.. Contact me or simply buy a new scratch card if its a scratch card issue

 4. Itk… Always ask questions

 5. Non users of Internet Especially non Facebook users

If you have a friend in this shoe pls help them Did you see my post (people who haven’t accepted Fuoye  admission) Some might be because there is no money but majority don’t know how Internet works

More Fuoye  admission secret to easily gain admission into Fuoye  

6. How long is your leg?

If your Fuoye  screening aggregate isn’t high, my friend you need a long leg , to get Fuoye  admission in this case you need to be connected on a 5G connection , lol… as a matter of fact if you need the gatekeeper of the school its a connection, but connection pass connection.

All this sef na story, my point is long leg is needed.

7. What’s your state of Origin.? 

Do you know someting called catchment area or ELDS(economic less developed states) Examples of ELDS are states in the core north.

Examples of catchment areas are states close to Ekiti,e.g Ondo, Osun, OYO, OGUN.. Ekiti state indigenes are likely to gain admission but you have to score something reasonable… Don’t score 48 and expect admission cos you are from Oye ekiti

8.Don’t Forget the Oga at the top

Long leg is needed , nervetheless , there is a leg longer than human comprehension… Im not trying to sound spiritual or something, im just stating a fact you need to know.. I think I missed this fact when I tried Fuoye  the 1st time.

But the second time, I prayed and worked hard.As a matter of fact, it isnt by just hardwork, first it has to be your time, everyone has a timeline. Second,grace..what most people call luck

In addition to the Fuoye  admission secrets.

Not to mention,you might be given a course you don’t want  … In light of this, Ill advise you to enter school ,it pays than staying at home.

There are only two admission lists, first batch aka merit list and 2nd batch admission list,When is Fuoye  3rd batch admission list come out? The truth is, it doesn’t exist, as a ,matter of fact,after those two admission lists, we have the Fuoye  Vc’s list, and it is never organized and its for people with really long legs.

Few words of advice in order to gain admission into Fuoye  

How will I get Fuoye  admission?  Aspirants can ask questions ehn.. Lol 😂 it’s cool sha.. I’ll be answering some frequently asked questions here ASAP. Does Fuoye  do Postutme/Screening?Fuoye  does Screening not Postutme What’s the screening all about?The screening is just a method that began in 2017.

Your olevel and Jamb results are calculated to give a sum of 100 points. The higher the point the better… You will not be required to go to the school at any point until you get admitted.

Will Law Aspirants do Postutme or Screening?Law aspirants will most likely do screening With the screening point of 60,will I be admitted? Hello! No one…. I repeat no one! Can tell you if you will get admitted we can only speculate… Admission is crazy and risky.. Some people obviously have higher chances of getting admission compared to others.. 

When will Fuoye  Screening/Postutme form be out? 

Last year, Fuoye  screening form was out immediately after 1st semester exam, that’s was late June and July 1st the screening started.. The form has been available for almost three months now and should have closed b the time of writing this post … Remember they’ve not even written WAEC and Neco.

Please!! There is a screening cutoff for all Courses… Thats obvious!! But Fuoye has never released it.. They only release the Jamb cutoff.. Please dont be deceived by the cutoff points you see everywhere.

 Beware of Scammers… That business is trending now 😂 and They will come like they really care… Immediately some one tells you to give him money for admission…. 🏃 Run.

In addition,90% predegree students get admitted, so if you are a predegree student..mafoor…similarly for Jupeb(but its easier with predegree)

Finally on how to gain admission into fuoye easily 

In conclusion, Fuoye  admission can get really risky and weird, in everything you need to chillo and don’t forget to ask questions… I’m always here for you. By God’s grace you will get admission into Fuoye .keep checking www.undergragra.ng for more updates, this is equally important.

Join my aspirants WhatsApp group for Fuoye  aspirants Connect with me on the phone, 09019531874, 08093418071 Message me on whatsapp instantly using this link https://wa.me/2348093418071 

 ♥ Undergragra

Please do well to drop a comment if this has really helped you. Thanks❤️


Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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