Take your time to read instructions before taking this test.

There are 40 questions which you are to answer in 15 minutes that gives you roughly 30 seconds per question.

If you can get at least 60%, you can be rest assured that you’ll ace GST 205 exam

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In a normal exam you will be asked between 40 – 60 questions but I only arranged 40 questions




Do not be in a hurry to answer the questions

Do not waste time on a question you don’t know

Move as fast as possible and starting with questions that don’t have calculation first to save time

Always crosscheck

Don’t be in a hurry to submit, you are not in a competition

Don’t be scared. Getting an A is easy

Don’t be over confident, you can end up a D, E or F. Calm your blood, no be only you sabi book

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70 – 100 A


60 – 69 B


50 – 59 C


45 – 49 D


40 – 44 E


0 – 39 F


I wish you success






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1. The period of ancient philosophy that immediately follows that of Plato and Aristotle is called

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2. A sound argument must have (1)true premises and (2)

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3. One of the benefits of Philosophy is that it______

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5. If the cat is on the mat,she is sleeping therefore she is not on the mat is a valid form of arguing

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6. In an argument the statement being supported in the conclusion and the statement supporting the conclusion are the ____

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7. The fallacy of trying to prove a conclusion by using the same very conclusion as support

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8. Craig says an actually infinite number of things

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9. The fallacy of arguing that if one has not been proven true then it must be false is known as

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10. Aquinas maintains that God must move himself in order to move anything else

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11. A question and answer dialogs in which propositions are methodically scrutinized to uncover the truth is known as______

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12. The fallacy of arguing that someone's claim is false because of its origin is called

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13. Arguments that are supposed to give probable support to their conclusions are

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14. Questions concerning the beautiful and the ugly follow under the domain of_____

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15. The fallacy of accepting a statement based on a wrong inference from the whole is called

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16. The fallacy of rejecting a statement because it seems a wrong inference from the parts of the whole is called

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17. When we arrive at a generalization in a number of samples we are offering

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19. If the cat is on the mat,she is sleeping. The cat is not sleeping,therefore she is not on the mat is a valid form of arguing

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20. If inductive arguments succeed in lending support to their conclusions,they are said to be

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21. Aquinas says the first efficient cause of everything is

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22. To study how we know ultimate reality is known as____

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23. According to Aquinas, an infinite regress of causes is

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24. Word such as (consequently,therefore) and (as a result) are_____

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25. The study of correct reasoning is called

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26. The fact that inductive arguments are inherently open to exceptions or refutation is known as___

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27. When we arrive at a conclusion based on similarities between two things,we are engaged in

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28. Arguments intended to give logically conclusive support to their conclusions so that if the premises are true, the conclusion most be true are___

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29. The famous statement "an unexamined life is not worth living " is attributed to___

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30. Aquinas defined change as

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32. ____ is the study of value,including both aesthetic value and moral value

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33. The fallacy of__ arguing erroneously that a particular action should not be taken because it will lead inevitably to other actions resulting in some dire outcome

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34. The fallacy of arguing that since  there are only two alternatives to choose from, one of them must be right is called

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35. The ontological for the existence of God is

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36. The fallacy of arguing that a claim must be true because most people agree with it is called

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37. The systematic use of critical reasoning to try to find answers to fundamental questions is called_____

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38. According to Socrates,a clear sign that a person has____ is his or her exclusive pursuit of socially status,wealth,power and pleasure

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39. The four main division of Philosophy are metaphysic,logic,axiology and____

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40. A group of statements in which one of them is meant to be supported by the other is_____

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The average score is 31%



Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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