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How I Met My Ex Episode 1

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How I Met My Ex: Episode 1
[A Yorochi Tv Series]

“What’s wrong with me?”
“Is it the sudden nausea I felt in my stomach or the phlegm that stuck in throat like I swallowed a bone?”
“This must be a nightmare. I need someone to wake me up! “
These and many more were the kind of thoughts that ran through my head as sweat drops trickled down my chin.
“Dude, breakfast is a national cake” Goodluck said laughing
“Guy just shut up! ” I shouted angrily and jumped off his chair like an insect suddenly stung me.
“She can never cheat on me dawg” I added giving my self a little hope and courage.
“You know sey I no fit lie give you abi?”
“Guy forget that one, no be you tell me sey the girl too fine for me?” I asked giving him a stern look like I was interrogating him.
“Yes and so what?”
“You just don’t like the fact that I have what even your forefathers couldn’t get” I said walking towards the door cos I know I had definitely pushed Goodluck to the wall.
“Philip you dey mad?” He asked giving this angry look..
Yeah I was about to run out of his room then I decided to face my fears 😂
“E don cast, last last
Na everybody go chop breakfast. Shayo o!” Goodluck started singing Burna boy’s song
“Bro in your life, don’t ever come between me and my Ella again” I said to him with a little bit of fear in my voice. 😢 😢 I almost choked on my own voice.
“Ella na hookup babe aje, but you don fall in love” He said as he hurriedly picked up his phone like he wanted to show me something.
“Philippo con see something” He said signaling to me to come closer.
I did go closer and I saw a particular picture she took with some guy and I recognized him immediately.
“Bro this guy na the owner of Yorochi Tv on Facebook na”

“What about this? ” he asked showing me another set of pictures and I couldn’t recognize any of the guys she took pictures with.
A bomb was coming and it was on Goodluck’s phone but I didn’t realize it just yet. I was blindly arguing with Goodluck.
“Guy my babe is very loyal abeg”
“My guy don fall in love oo” He said shaking his head
“Yes, thank you. Is it your love? “
“So Philip, how do you explain this”
I collected his phone from his hands and my hands started shaking. Now this was worse than what I felt earlier.
Heat came from inside my body and this time if you are just seeing me, you’d think I just had my bath and refused to use towel.
“No way!”
“I swear I fit kill my self”
“Be strong bro” Goodluck said as he went back to his bed.
“Stand Strong!” he said laughing
I angrily walked of the room.
I can’t believe what I saw. There must be some explanation for this, I picked up my phone and gave Ella a call.
She picked the call after the 3rd ring and…
Watch out for “How I Met My Ex Episode 2”
❤️ Undergragra

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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