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How I Met My Ex Episode 2

×****continued from last episode *****

I angrily walked of the room.
I can’t believe what I saw. There must be some explanation for this, I picked up my phone and gave Ella a call.
She picked the call after the 3rd ring and

Ella’s Side
“Aswear this heat is just too much o!” Ella said as she bid her visitor good bye.
Ella is this very friendly type of girl who is always the center of attention in any gathering. Like she doesn’t force it.. It comes naturally.
How Ella and Philip got dating still remains a mystery to many. So many even belive Philip is dating Ella but Ella is dating Philip ????
You know what I mean yeah?
Philip is this introvert who seats at the back of the class and hardly talks to anyone. A lot of people mistook it to be pride. But he just didn’t know what to say to people after greeting them “Hi, hello, good morning…”
So to avoid putting himself in a situation where he has to be thinking of what to say, he keeps only very few friends. Ella noticed this weird introvert cos he seems to be the only one who doesn’t look at her twice ????..
She had her phone ring and hurriedly went to pick up the phone..
She picked up the call after the 3rd ring and she said “Watsup Phil”
Oh Gawd!! Her voice is so heavenly!!
“Someone with a voice this heavenly will never cheat on me” I said to myself
“Are you there?” she asked since I wasn’t responding.
“Where are you?.. I badly need to see you” I said sounding like a baby begging for breast milk ????
“See ehn Philip I’m kind of busy right now o.. Maybe after lectures tomorrow” she replied
“It’s urgent” I said sounding serious this time
“Philip that will be tomorrow” she said and hung up
“Weird!” I said to myself
I scrolled through my phone and fed my eyes with her pictures. She is beauty personified as just one person.
Was it her cute baby face or her smile.. Oow God! You just gotta see it.
She had this gap teeth with dimples with her smooth dark skin.. Not really dark tho.. Just like those black Americans..
And her lips.. Damn! The lower lips was so pink, it gives me a hard on naturally..
Her dimples! Not to talk of her wonderfully sized oranges and huge backside!
Like she was my dream girl.. Like this happened only in movies.
Her being my babe is most definitely the best thing that has happened to me.
“Why will she hang up on me?” I wondered as I went back to Goodluck’s apartment.
Goodluck is the very first friend I had immediately I enter the university and for years we’ve become best pals.
“Hope sey u don serve her breakfast?” Goodluck said as I entered his room
“We are stronger than ever” I replied smiling
“I piry you” he said laughing
“con play game jhor” he signaled asking me to come over.
Ella’s Side
“Who called?” Jennifer asked
“Philip ni jare” she replied sounding tired
“What’s wrong? Is there trouble in paradise?” Jennifer asked smiling
“There was never a paradise” Ella said as she pounced on the bed like someone who dropped dead.
Jennifer adjusted as she made space for Ella to lie on her bed. Jennifer looked around the apartment like she was visiting for the first time even though she was Ella’s roommate.
“There was never a paradise?” Jennifer sked confused
“Jenn you should know relationship isn’t meant for me jare” Ella said as she rolled to the other side of the bed.
“Ella, Philip is a very nice guy na” Jennifer said grimacing
“You see ehn! Jenn that nice guy is the problem” Ella said and sat up slowly
“Like he is too nice” she added
“So what do you plan to do now ehn?” Jennifer asked with worry written all over her face
“The relationship was a joke right from the beginning”
“How?” Jennifer asked
“Why are you so concerned sef?” Ella asked almost in anger
“Or have you forgotten how the relationship began”
“Don’t tell me you have forgotten!” Ella shouted
“Okay I think I remember”
“Yeah I remember” Jennifer said smiling

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