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How I Met My Ex Episode 3

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How I Met My Ex Episode 3
*************Continued From Last Episode****************
“Or have you forgotten how the relationship began”
“Don’t tell me you have forgotten!” Ella shouted
“Okay I think I remember”
“Yeah I remember” Jennifer said smiling
Rain fell heavily the day before and by the next morning, the weather was still cold.
I struggled to get out of bed , Goodluck’s phone call saved my sorry ass from missing Mr Olatidoye’s test.
That guy remains the best friend FUOYE gave me. Friend like brother.
That morning, I held on to my blanket as I kept struggling to stand up. The cold entered into my spirit,soul and body and I just couldn’t resist the unexplainable pleasure that comes with sleeping in this kind of weather.
I was lost in my dream world when my phone rang.
I struggled to move my hand to pick up my phone like a drunk man.
“How far?” I said in a sleepy voice.
“Weyrey,you still dey sleep?” Goodluck asked almost shouting..lol….That guy’s energy is out of this world.
“Better leeme alone…I want to sleep” I said sounding like a baby
“Mr Olatidoye wan start test o”
The sleep vanished, I got to school in less than 15 minutes. How it happened I don’t even know.
But the most important thing is I didn’t miss Mr Olatidoye’s test. A 3 unit course for that matter.
After the test I was wondering if I remembered to take my bath before coming to school when this proud big girl in class came in.
She was practically shaking, even though the weather was cold and this clown of a girl still wore a skimpy dress. Her thighs were clearly visible and I could see goosebumps all over her body, especially on her shoulder and upper chest. Yeah the clothe was too revealing….
I walked up to her and………………..
“Flaky if na play stop am” Ella shouted over the phone
“Ella,Aswear down!” Folake (Flaky) said trying to sound more convincing this time
“You know I’m the only friend you have that is a serious student” Ella added laughing a little
“Okay thanks jare.I go soon show”Ella finally said and ended the call.
It was in that moment that Ella realized that her room was in a total mess. She was yet to bathe or do anything that morning and the weather was extremely cold!!!
By the time she got to class, Mr Olatidoye was just going out. Ella got sad as she walked into the class and it was like the already existing cold increased its intensity.
She was sure she was going to faint. She struggled to breathe and all her friends were busy chasing the class govenor to submit their test scripts for them.
Suddenly,she felt this warmth all over her body……..
Okay, I know you know what will happen yeah?
But if you need a more juicy detail…
Then wait for How I met my Ex episode 4

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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