Will JAMB Direct Entry (DE) Candidates Write Exam in 2024?


Historically, JAMB Direct Entry (DE) candidates have not been required to take separate exams, relying on the Post UTME/Post Jamb as the assessment method. However, a notable shift occurred in 2023 when the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) announced that DE candidates would undergo an aptitude test. As of today, there hasn’t been any official statement from JAMB clarifying the examination status for DE candidates in 2024.

The Evolution of JAMB DE Assessments

Traditionally, DE candidates navigated the admission process without facing specific examinations. The introduction of the aptitude test in 2023 marked a departure from this established norm.

The 2023 Announcement

In 2023, JAMB’s announcement about implementing an aptitude test for DE candidates created a buzz within the education community. This development left candidates and stakeholders anticipating changes in the admission process.

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Current Uncertainty

Despite the 2023 announcement, there has been a lack of recent updates from JAMB officials. The absence of an official statement regarding the fate of DE exams in 2024 has led to uncertainty among candidates.

Preparing for the Unknown

While there is no official confirmation of DE exams for 2024, it is advisable for candidates to remain proactive. Preparation for potential scenarios, including the traditional Post UTME/Post Jamb, is a wise approach.


In conclusion, the prospect of DE candidates facing exams in 2024 remains uncertain due to the absence of recent statements from JAMB officials. However, staying prepared for various possibilities, including post UTME/post JAMB, is recommended as a strategic approach to the admission process.

FAQs About JAMB DE Exams in 2024

  1. Is it confirmed that DE candidates will face exams in 2024?
    • No official statement has been issued by JAMB, creating uncertainty about the examination status.
  2. Why did JAMB announce an aptitude test for DE candidates in 2023?
    • JAMB said that the new policy was to ensure that the DE candidates justify the possession of their A’level certificates.
  3. Should DE candidates focus on traditional post UTME/post JAMB preparation?
    • Until there is clarity from JAMB, candidates are advised to stay prepared for various scenarios, including traditional assessments.
  4. When can we expect an official statement from JAMB regarding DE exams in 2024?
    • As of now, there is no specified timeline for an official announcement. Candidates are encouraged to stay informed through official channels.
  5. How can DE candidates stay updated on JAMB announcements?
    • Regularly checking the official JAMB website and reliable news sources will provide the latest information on any developments.
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