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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 11

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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Episode 11

1**continued from last episode **I could feel my whole world collapsing, I was trying to impress this Ewa girl and I screwed up again,”Red card!!”I ran out of the hall. Mhen the hall became so hot!!I ran so fast, after running for a while.. I got tired around mini mart side.. I just went into one of the Alt classes.

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But some students were charging their phones there.I just turned back out and went back home.Another bad day right, well… Not so bad… I became popular with the name “Red Card!”****

Well if you’ve been reading this story for a while now, you probably know who this is.But if you don’t… Well I’m Jay 😉(Jay is a fictional character, a handsome young boy with bad days as a fresher 😂 I mean really bad days, a lot of things in this fictional story is/are very real.. But not all).

 Mhen the rest of that week moved so fast and nothing spectacular happened… But I got a standard nickname “Red Card” I got so popular that people started to forget the bad shii that happened to me.. .. As an 100 level engineering student in Fuoye, Mondays is our best day of the week, its better than Fridays sef.

On Mondays we only have one lecture by 3pm! You heard me right 3pm..So Monday is just another holiday for me. Honestly, most Mondays I don’t go to school, same with my neighbours.

We try to gain strength cos we have to be at ELT by 5 30 am on Tuesday Morning. Something was sha pushing me to go to school o. Hope something bad will not happen to me oooGuys pray for me 😢 … “Mr Kay, Taye” I screamed at around 1 30 pm that fateful Monday afternoon.

 “Niggas make we go school na” I added ..(You might have forgotten some things that have happened in this story.. I’ll advise you to read over again, you won’t regret it)

 Meedo replied “Omo na true oo, guys make we go school na” “Kini weyrey gan… Is it by force… School ti wa kayin lara gan? (what’s all this madness, is it by force? Why Re you so concerned about school?..) 

Confession time.. When guys start speaking Yoruba like this.. I just automatically hate them.. And I’m a yoruba boy oo 😂 Guys hope you remember my neighbours, Mr Kay and Taye? The whole hostel is complete now.

Remaining 2 rooms sha and they are both final year students (1 guy at the last room and that sister I saw on the day I resumed school) Now we have Gideon (that guy has agidi ehn. He speaks hausa fluently.. He lived in the North for a while.. We nicknamed him Aboki or Agidi 😂.. That guy is black ehn)

 We also have Hameed (mehn this is ma real gee.. He speaks English and Yoruba so fluently.. He’s the only one I flow with best and we love arguments about movies 😂) Then we have muller (I don’t even know the guys name… I sha know he has money.. He works at this computer village in Lagos).

 Now you know my neighbours right, Kayode aka Mr Kay, Taye aka T boy , Hammed aka Hammedo , Gideon aka Agidi/Aboki and Moola!
 (These characters are based on real life personalities.. Shout out to my neighbours and best friends through out 100 level.. Mhen these guys were my family in school) .

It was obvious my neighbours didn’t want to go to school.. So I needed a trick..I went online to my department WhatsApp group and I saw a message that made me smile..”Guys!””Red Card hafa” Agidi replied
“Aje, we get test oo”
Aswear down 😂 I wasn’t done talking… Na so my guys begin dey run enter inside bathroomAround 2:30 we were done but Taye wasn’t following us cos he was in Agric Faculty (he had biology in the morning)

I(Jay), Mr Kay, Moola, Meedo and Agidi walked out of the apartment like bosses mehn… You just had to see us..We stopped two bikes and we went to school..Do you remember I said Monday was our best day? Its also our worst day.
Between 2 and 3, 200 level students have ENG 201(Engineering Mathematics) and by 3pm we have PHY 103.
So as soon as 200 level students are getting out, 100 level students are rushing in.. At the same time 😢As usual I rushed towards the door cos it was almost 3pm.
“That will be all for today, I will send your assignment to your class governor” Gerrard said (Do you want to know Gerrard? One of the craziest lecturers in Fuoye 😂)As soon as we heard what he said, the pushing began. As I was struggling.. I tripped and fell.. 😢 💔
As I was struggling to stand up.. Someone held my hands..
Those hands were so soft.. I wanted to hold on to those hands forever..Who held my hands?C’mon Guess jhor..Pls drop a comment


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