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Jay The Fuoye Fresher Season 1 Episode 13

Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 13

**continued from last episode ***

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But how will I even call her.. When I don’t know her name.. Guys! I think I’m a big idiot.. “Jay! ” A lady called from behind Who is calling me?***I just couldn’t figure out who was calling me at that moment..

You know I just got my heart broken 💔 😂”Jay Jay” she called again.

At this time I totally knew who it was..It was her…My distant Cousin, Favour…”Favour, what’sup na” I said greeting her..”Mo wa pa, Iwo nko? (I’m good, what about you?)”

“I’m good oo” I said sounding tired 😴”What class did you just finish?””Phy 103″”Ha 😂..” She exclaimed laughing.. It was then I realised she was with a guy.. (I finally got to know that guy has the one and only Temiwhite in Fuoye).

Asin my cousin just dey follow big guys..Well.. I know why…Let me give a quick bio about my cousin..Her name is Favour (You know that right?), unlike me she’s black but.. Her colour is just… I don’t know what to say ooo.. I don’t know the cream she uses sef 😁.She’s cute.. Well I’ve not really checked her out apart from her face… I don’t even know her age… She’s family na.. U grab?

She con get pink lips 💋 join.. And she’s a Tom boy 😂.. I don gist with her and Temiwhite…. They stopped at mini mart to buy something… Thats how I rembered oooo…my guys for compound ooo.. I sha excused myself and ran ooo… You know guys na.

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They will whine my destiny 😂 How will I explain to them now thats she’s my cousin 😂.. I finally found them at the school gate and I apologised sha… At the school gate all 100 level students filled the whole place.

We were like the Israelites on the way to the promise land… The gate at FUOYE Ikole Campus is kind of ugly compared to the one at Oye… Ikole Campus school gate has two gates but we use only one 😂.

After coming out through the gate, the road towards the front is a federal road that leads to the northern part of the country, towards the left side is where the bike men stay.

The bikes were few… But majority of the students didn’t go to the corner where they kept their bikes… “Student, Secreteriat, Isaba!” The bike men were screaming on the top of their voices… I went to the bike men,”Ibo lo n lo(where are you going to?)” he asked.

 “Iloka” I replied… I turned around and saw my guys signalling to me to come down.

I told the bike man I was coming. “Guys afa na” I said as I go close to them

 “Make we leg this thing na”

 “Ehn!” I exclaimed 

“Can’t you see that everyone is trekking?” Agidi said in form of a question.

“Omo na true o” I said realising that it was actually true.

 “Money don finish for people hand” I finally said making all my guys laugh.

Our way back home was un eventful… Just that my guys were busy kicking bottle of water like its football (smh).. There were crossing the ball to each other from one side of the road to the other.When we finally got home, we all confessed that school to the house was really long.

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We entered the house, pushing the gate really hard,you know how boys do na… we were all sweating.

As we entered the house, Moola started 🏃 running, I was confused at first until I saw everyone laughing.

“What happened?” I asked “O ti fe yagbe sara(He was about to poo on his body)” I then joined the laughter 😂.

Ma guy don nearly shit for body… (Little did I know that something worse than this will still happen to me 😂) We all removed our clothes and spread on the line cos we were all sweating.

I went into my room and pulled off my trousers and I was left with my boxers. I came out of the room to greet Mr Kay, then I heard the voice of a lady… A lady… the voice sounded close by and I was already kind of far from my room and I was on boxers 😢.. “Jay!” she called from behind 
Who is this again 😢? Somebody help me 😢? Can someone guess who it is?

 Watch out for episode 14

Jay the Fuoye Fresher


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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