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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 17

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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Episode 17

After my guys came around me, they tried to console me… I know they will still laugh at me when we reach our villa…

I turned around using my eye to see those who might have seen the painful occurrence..

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I was about to look forward when I saw her..

Who did I see?


Well I think you guessed right. ..It’s that idiot girl 😢😢”ewa’

So this girl saw these stuff again. … I don die

Is this babe following me ??

 Due to my recent heart break 😂 lol…. My guys decided that we should enter bike home..

“Agbala Mose” we said signalling to 3 bike men…

As we were climbing the bike, I turned back only to see Ewa talking to her friends and laughing pointing towards me… She was definitely making mockery of me and she was telling everyone. . .

My predicament was already trending and I became the center of attractions..

All through the time I was thinking of a way I will Punish Ewa…. Who has offended me more ?

“Ewa or Pearl? ” But that Pearl girl is just sweet 😤too sweet. … (shey I will not do yahoo like this. .that idiot na yahoo boy)

As we got to the gate of my apartment. ..ma guys were already laughing. ..

At that moment, I honestly wanted to cry. ….have your friends ever made jest of you before? 😢

I felt like a monkey that they stole it’s banana 😅…or a little kid who they refused to give biscuit. ..

Oyo let me brag about my house small, it’s probably one of the best looking houses in Ikole Ekiti. .. 

The beautiful green painted house was built by a rich man (I heard he is a soldier )..based in portharcout and he hardly visits the house. .

The house is like a six bedroom with a room and parlour upstairs. ..

Now you think I’m living in a big house right? 😂😂

There are 7 rooms at the boy’s quarters. ..That’s where me and my guys stay…

The room and parlour upstairs was un occupied for years and the apartment is attractive ehnn. I was eyeing it until…..

As my guys were laughing at me, I went over to the next house to by Kuli (that’s my normal lunch..na Garri and Kuli sure pass abeg)

On a norms I use to put the Kuli in my bag cos it’s a transparent lylon they put it in..

This fateful day, I decided to carry it oo…I didn’t even collect lylon 😢 have you ever felt heart broken. ..at that moment you just won’t think…it’s like the shity feeling you get after taking drugs in excess..

I got inside the house only to see a group of super hot ladies, some were fetching water,while the others sat on the staircase leading to the apartment upstairs. ..

They looked at me and I looked at them back. ..instead of me to greet them… I was forming swag. ..

Mehn this babes were just staring at me oo as I walked to the boy’s quarters were I stayed ..

As I was walking, I started using my head to calculate who I’ll try out first. ..”but don’t forget there is something called red card ooo ” I said to myself 

But why were this pretty girls staring at me na…..

I didn’t know until I wanted to open the door to my room and I saw the Kuli on my hand. ..God!!! Why do I have to do stupid things na..

😂you know guys are kind of stupid right? 

Some minutes after my guys entered my room and started talking about the new babes. .they totally forgot my matter….

Next thing they started talking about girls they’ve knacked. …

“Nonsense” I said walking out of my room forming good boy. ..

Don’t worry this episode won’t end with something bad..,.

Next week was Orientation….a wonderful time to plan for. ..

I’ll finally see those fine girls in oye campus. ..unlike these boys on skirts in Ikole

Na so I remember my friend “shege” if you don’t remember him..read episode 1

The 3 days orientation is next week and it was to hold at Oye campus. .

Something big was coming and I honestly didn’t see that. ..all I knew was …I must punish that Ewa girl. ..I don’t know how or when. …

So help me God

Guys do you think she should be punished? 

****watch out for Jay the Fuoye Fresher episode 18

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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