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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 20

Jay The FUOYE Fresher Episode 20 


“Jay, that babe you said shenked you…” 

“What’s her name again?”, Shege asked 

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Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Oow! Sh*t!

Don’t mind my manners… I’ve not introduced you to Shege’s friends..

Its just three of them plus Shege … Asin those guys are the real fantastic four…

We have Segun aka Shege or Shenge.., Leo(the cutest and the only boti in their midst), Ebuka(Wild and Scary but ladies still chase him.. Like I don’t just understand..), Dotun aka Dotman(pure and Applied Ibile… This guy speaks yoruba like an herbalist… He scares the shit out of me), Finally we have Mc Haywhy! (One of the baddest Mcs, he’s super close to guys like Mc Avatar, Mc Premond, Mc leeland and other bosses in Fuoye)

(Mc Haywhy doesn’t exist, but the others mentioned are real personalities in Fuoye…)

Now you know Shege’s friends… Let’s continue from where we stopped…

Looks like I’ve left out some important things oo..

Shege lives in a self con, super conducive… He has a 32 inch tv screen (super cool, girls will naturally fall for him) 

The floor was obviously tiled by a professional, no dents at all.. The room contained about 8 ceiling boxes, unlike my room back at Ikole with just four ceiling boxes.. He had his own personal Kitchen and toilet… Honestly the moment I entered his room, I felt like trash… So a student like me lives in an apartment this conducive… 

I didn’t tell you guys he had a car right? Me sef I didn’t know until… 

“What’s the name of the babe na” 

“Ewa” I replied almost saying it in form of a question… 

I went into the bathroom to bath and I dressed up, I came out fully dressed only to see that those guys were waiting for me.. 

“Oya na, sho ti ready(are you ready?) ?” Dotman asked 

“Ready fun kinni? (ready for what?)” I asked confused 

“A jo n jade na(we are going out together na)” he replied.. 

We both walked out of Shege’s apartment and I saw Shege behind the wheels of a car… Wtf!! 

“no be Muscle be that?” I asked 

(Muscle is the name of a car that was trending that time) 

“go and sit at the front bro, you’re the MVP for today” Leo said with his super cool and sweet English… 

We got to the lecture theatre at Faculty of Science pretty early, I was able to get into the hall and for the first few seconds I froze.. 

That auditorium was like x3 of Engineering Lecture Theatre in Ikole Campus… 

Little by Little, people began trooping in… I don’t know but… I just realised all the people around me where ladies… Not just lady… I mean super hot chics..

Next thing I knew was…

I was taking selfie with some of these ladies… We were super cool…. Not just one lady.. I was almost like the centre of attraction…

That’s how one of those nonsense gals in Ikole entered oo and she shouted “Red card”

Gbese… I just used style to run away from the hall oo

“Iru wahala wo wa leleyi(what kind of problem is this?)” I muttered silently..

I looked forward and I saw my guys hitting on those freshers… “Stupid boys” I said smiling to myself..

Those guys were looking for the next babe to f**k.. But those freshers thought they’ve hit Jackpot 😂

You don see rich fine boy u sef fo 😂

I turned around waking back into the auditorium only to see her…

God 😔 😢

What do I do?

(😂 I’m not ending the episode yet)


I ran immediately I saw Ewa, have never been scared of any human being like I was scared of this babe… I went to Shege and his friends and said quietly pointing towards Ewa..

“na d babe be dat” I said..

“You don over hype this babe aje” Mc Haywhy said sounding unhappy…

But the others felt she wasn’t so bad after all..

Mchawhy looked at his watch and said.. “120 seconds and I go collect her number”

“Were!” They all chorused hailing him…

He got close to her and she noticed him pretty fast…

She tried to walk away trying to ignore him..

“I mean no harm” he said smiling

She dropped the phone she was pressing and looked up….

Will Mc Haywhy face the same fate Jay Faced?

Hmm watch out for Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 21

Jay the Fuoye Fresher

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant and educational informant.

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