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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 23

Jay the FUOYE Fresher Episode 23


***Continued from last episode ***

Lord Have Mercy..

I looked at those guys and I saw them getting high!

At that moment it dawned on me that these guys are not Cultists or Yahoo boys…

They are Marlians!

***** ***

Mhen, within few days my whole life started to change, my bad luck was running out and I was gradually becoming a badt guy.

Looking at my journey so far..

A lot has really happened…


The cold wind hit the windows and the door of my room so hard bringing me back to reality.. Shit! Have you been told about how cold Oye and Ikole is?

Only those who live in the North can understand it..

I jumped off my bed thinking someone knocked on the door, I opened the door only to be welcomed by the cold.. It was so cold, it felt like I was back in the Ice age.. the cold was accompanied with this dry and dusty smell which was definitely blowing from the Sahara..

I really got pissed off, I tried to sleep but the sleep didn’t come again..

O my goodness, do I have insomnia?

Staying awake wasn’t so bad afterall, it gave me sometime to think and have a lil bit of reflection about my life..

Been a fresher feels so good honestly, taking it back to day 1 when Ewa gave me red card!!, or when I got disgraced severally in school or when that nonsense stalite took Pearl away from me..

Then I had my revenge on Ewa… Feels good….

“Jay, Jay!”

“Who be dat?” I asked as I opened my door angrily

“Alaaye we don late oo?” Agidi said

“So?” I replied angrily

“Omo, Jay yi ti fe di nkan mi mo wa lowo o(This Jay guy is turning into something else o)

” Aje ” every one chorused

I smiled stupidly….

” U no go Chemistry on Tuesday o” Meedo said

“Chemistry na smallz” I replied

“What of Cpe yesterday?” Moola asked

“We get Physics tests today oo, Omo ake(stubborn boy)” Taye said sharply..

From the look of things, he just woke up..

The super cold weather made everyone over sleep..

Orientation week was over, and this is Thursday already… Time flies when you are in school especially when you are busy.

” Physics test?! ” I asked in disbelief

“Omo ase, we get test ” Agidi said smiling a little

“Wetin be time” I asked

“To 8” Sis Ay replied (you guys remember her right)

“Ekaaro(Good morning)” we all chorused

We all respected her so much, not just because she’s older than us something, or probably because she was really attractive… The main reason why we actually respect her is cos she respects herself..

“E ti late?(You are guys are late right?)” She asked

“Beeni(Yes)” we all replied

“E je tete mura(You better dress up fast)” She said as she moved her beautiful body towards the well side

😂 Come and see how a set of stupid boys lost their senses in fe5 seconds, we all spent the next few seconds staring at her butt has it danced beautifully 😂

“Ay O ni pawa ninu Ile yi(Ay won’t kill us in this house” Mr Kay said 

And we all laughed… 

Few mins later.. Everyone was set.. 

As we all came out of our rooms walking towards the gate, I started feeling like something bad was definitely gon happen.. 

Will I see badluck today? 

Now the time was 7 :50, we all hastened our footsteps as we stopped at the Junction of our house and called bike.. 

We got to school few mins after 8, mhen thank God the bike men entered school… The journey from school Gate to Elt ehn.. 

We got to class and the lecturer wasn’t around yet.. 

“You see why I no like to dey attend lecture?” I said staring at my guys angrily.. 

We entered the class only to see a good space to seat, why are people not in class?.. Or have they started the test? 

Few mins later, an unfamiliar face entered the class and all the students that were outside came back in. 

” Good morning, my name is Mr Ahmed” He said 

“Peele” Some students at the back shouted 

Engineering students will not koba somebody o, they don’t fear any teacher, that’s how one student threw Poki(a snack common among Fuoye Ikole Campus students) one teacher’s head.. 

😂 The man swore not to teach us again and he’ll fail everyone 😂 

“I am the Hod of physics department” he added 

“Opoor!” Everyone chorused

He smiled and said “Today I’ll be teaching you on the topic….” 

I’ve forgotten the topic oo… 

“Okay, I’ll teach you like I’m teaching a primary school student” 

“I’ll teach you from the basics” he added 

“Opoor yeye” students shouted and started clapping 

“So can anyone tell me what Differentiation means? 

The whole class became silent.. 

” You” he pointed towards someone

I looked back looking for the person 

“Yes, You.. Stop looking at the back” 

“Jay na you” Taye said quietly 

Oh yes! I stood up quietly 

The last time I stood up like this… Guys? Do you remember? 

That I didn’t bathe 😂

Today again I didn’t bathe 😂 

Hello! I’m not a dirty boy ooo 😂 

When someone is late nko.. 

“So Mr Man, Can you please define differentiation?” 

Can I answer it? 

Wait for episode 24

Jay the Fuoye Fresher

Please do well to drop a comment if this has really helped you. Thanks❤️


Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant and educational informant.

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