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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 9

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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Episode 9

Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 9

**” continued from last episode **
Monday came like.. So fast!!
But I only had a class on Mondays and it’s in the afternoon so I skipped it..
Monday night came and I saw on WhatsApp that there was going to be an orientation programme for all Engineering students on Tuesday..
I was happy that I didnt have to wake up early, little did I know that I was going to do something stupid again…
If I knew I won’t have gone oo
“Red Card!”
“Red Card!”
“He actually gave you a red card?”
“This is crazy man!”
I woke up that Tuesday morning with so much pain all over my body, I just had another stupid dream, this time I was playing soccer.. I was about to score and this hefty defender destroyed my legs and the referee didn’t give him red card, he gave it to me!!
All well and good, today is the orientation programme for Nuesa…
When I got to school, there was so much joy and peace in the atmosphere that made me feel the day was obviously going to be good. I walked like a boss to the Elt(Engineering lecture theatre), I and my neighbours(Mr Kay and Taye). To be honest, we walked like a gang and I could feel all eyes on us.
On getting to Elt, the place looked totally different from the ugly lecture theatre I was used to, the walls were well decorated with green and cream blending with the colour of the hall, the only ugly thing was the wooden podium(one day a lecturer will still fall down on that place… Lol)
Little by little the stuff started, some set of guys who were already popular in my set entered the hall with a Pa(public address) system playing loud music. Of course they were playing this marlian song “aso po to yi, aso le fi bo”
The whole hall shook as students started shouting”Marlians Marlians”
Few minutes later, an handsome young man entered, I honestly thought he was a lecturer…
Then he said “Great Nigerian Students”
We all shouted “Great”
Then he asked a question “What is my name?”
Everyone shouted “Rexpect!”
I was confused, how come everyone knows this guy? Then I realised I received an happy new year text mesage from someone called Rexpect. How did the guy even get my number?
Then he asked again “Who knows my full name?”
The hall went quiet for a while… “Free 1k card for the person that gets it”
Then a lot of people started raising up their hands ( honestly I was angry, see all this small small children, because of just 1k)
I never knew something big was coming..
Rexpect decided to call someone, boom! It was cute lady like that sha..
She walked up to the podium and I was angry 😡..
Can you guess who she is?
Watch out for episode 10…. I’ll start making the episodes longer.

Your comment means a lot to me

Some of the names mentioned here are names of real individuals in Fuoye..
E.g Rexpect was a 500L Mechanical Engineering Student who later became the SUG Presdient of FUOYE in the 2019/2020 session 

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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