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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 13

 Episode 13

The moment he said those words it clicked…. “There is matric on Friday oo!” Agidi said.

“and freshers night” I added..

If I go for matric and then freshers night on Friday… How will I make it to Ikole by 7am and go for lectures for workers in training in church?

Somebody please advice Jay… What should Jay do?


The main auditorium in Oye campus was completely full.. The show was yet to start, but the hall was extremely full.

We were promised that Lyta was coming… As at that time Lyta just got signed to Ybnl and he was still trending..

Few minutes later, the speakers were blazing and the students cheered..

This is me and I’m in the freshers night… Wait wait.. What’s wrong with me? Why am I here?

When everyone in my house was going.. I definitely had no choice…

I was told that cultists recruit new members during freshers night… Mehn that gave me chills..

Let me advice you readers… You won’t know when this guys start to recruit, you can’t easily suspect them at times… Not everyone who looks rugged is a cultist… But if you look or dress rugged you are liable to have clashes with them…

Let me stop here for now… You like showing people say you get craze abi.. Don’t worry they’ll come for you… You like wearing revealing clothes ba, guys will chase you…

The show was shit honestly, Lyta didn’t come 😭😭.. Sug scammed us 😭…

All those rich boys started buying caskets… They were Sha wasting money… And it was vexing me..

So I went out to get some air…

I met some other guys like me Sha, we gisted and connected… Every single one of them was in Oye… At that moment I wished I could just do change of course…

I made it to church by 7am sharp, please don’t ask me how… I Sha made it..

Then the rules started, don’t do this don’t do that..

Swears the stuff was just vexing me but it was my only way to escape the cultists..


I didn’t tell you how bad light is in Ikole and Oye? Geez.. the light is terrible.. I spend at N50 every day, N350 every week and N1500 every month just to charge my phone..

In some cases, my neighbors and I do go to a particular bar at Ikole garage to charge our phones..

We’ve been charging every night without having any issues oo.. Until one particular Friday…

As at now, I’ve been going to church back to back and the cultists have finally left me… I didn’t know something else was coming for me..

It was a particular Friday like that… We had a vigil in church and I already told one of my guys in the workers in training that we’ll go to church together since it will be dark and it’s not good to walk alone…

I got to his apartment by 8pm sharp… But he wasn’t there… He shenked me mehn..

Mind you, this guy is the roommate of Ay, my course mate..

I gisted with Ay till it was around 9,then I went back home…

On my way home, I saw Opee walking aimlessly like he was drunk..

“Opee na u be dat?” I asked confused..

“Thank God, Jay na me o” Opee replied..

“Abeg take me to the bar where you guys do go to charge” He added looking troubled..

“I don’t get, why?” I asked this time extremely confused..

“Jay, Wahala ti sele(Jay, there is trouble)”

??? What’s going on???

Watch out for Jay the Fuoye Fresher season 2 episode 14


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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