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Jay the FUOYE Fresher season 2 episode 14

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 Episode 14

***continued from the last episode *****

“I don’t get, why?” I asked this time extremely confused..

“Jay, Wahala ti sele(Jay, there is trouble)”

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??? What’s going on???

Watch out for Jay the FUOYE Fresher season 2 episode 14″I don’t get, why?” I asked this time extremely confused..

“Jay, Wahala ti sele(Jay, there is trouble)


I felt goosebumps immediately.. Like it wasn’t just about what he said but the way he said it.. You know some people are talented in giving people bad news..

I suddenly started feeling cold and wind began to blow… It was dark as at this time… I didn’t know what to think at that moment..

“Opee kilose gan gan (Opee what happened exactly)” honestly I don’t know how those yoruba words flew out of my mouth..

I took Opee to the bar where we charge our phone and we met all the other guys in our compound there..

I then got to know that, as soon as they went to charge there as usual… Some guys who were rumoured to be cultists came and seized their phones…

The leader of the group claimed that he charged his phone on our extension box the day before and he can no longer find the power bank..

“Release our power bank and we will give you your phones” they said..

Wait wait…

Is this all that happened? Why did Opee scare me that much???

“wetin we go do like this na?” I asked worried..

“Jay we go beg them ni o” all my guys chorused..

“Abi make I call Shenge?” I asked myself..

(You know who Shenge is right?)

Few minutes later, the cultists guys came out of the bar… Mind you.. We only charge outside the bar not inside the bar… We watch football matches too in that bar..

We were still contemplating on what to do when this cultists guys came out with a stick of cigar in their mouths…

“Fuck me! “I said almost screaming..

” Jay wetin do you? “Agidi asked..

” Na the cultists wey dey disturb me that “I said almost shaking 

” Gbese! ” everyone chorused.. 

The cultists didn’t recognize me tho… 

Chill how did this story end? 

Oh, okay…. Yeah I remember.. 

They threatened us for like 3 days… They finally released the phones Sha….. 

Meanwhile I don turn back to back church goer… Asin those cultists sef don believe sey I don born again 


I didn’t know joining church fellowship was another wahala on its own.

Watch out for Jay the FUOYE Fresher season 2 episode 15

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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