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Jay The FUOYE Fresher season 2 Episode 15

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 Episode 15

***continued from Jay the FUOYE Fresher season 2 episode 1****

catch am’

‘catch am’

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‘no allow make hin escape oo’

I opened the gate of the compound and saw my neighbours running heltersketer.

were they chasing a thief or a wide animal?I honestly didn’t care at that moment….

I was so frustrated and felt like quitting school.

“na who talk say make I choose Fuoye sef?” I cursed under my breath

I dragged my feet like an hen beaten by an heavy rain,no…why was life treating me this way?


Yeah I know you must have read Jay the Fuoye Fresher season 2 episode 1 and you got confused.. You probably thought I forgot about it… Lol no way!


I could barely feel my legs, the long walk from school back home felt like I was trekking from Ibadan to Lagos..

Yeah… Oye Igbeyin don catch me.. Sapa has come to visit me… No money for bike again.. So for the past few weeks I’ve been using foot wagon back to back to and from school.

Life is hard Bro… 😭😭😭I want to go home!

“ko ko ko” I dragged myself up as I went to open the door of my room.

“Take” Frio said..

Who is Frio?

I’m sure you must be really confused right now.. You remember I talked about one final year student who stays in my compound… Yeah he’s back and his name is Friday aka Frio.

“wetin be dat?!” I asked looking confused

“Omo ase, that is bushmeat” Agidi said from behind..

“Bush meat!” I said almost screaming.. I collected the meat and…. Finally I have dinner..

My rice had finished, beans had finished, no groudnut oil, no palm oil… Nothing nothing at all…. All that I had was just 4 cups of Garri… Oye Igbeyin no be good something o😭😭

I carefully ate the bushmeat and took it with Garri… Best food I’ve eaten in a while..

My phone vibrated and I saw a message from my closest friend in my department,Ay…

‘Ay ma gee’ I muttered silently smiling a little bit..

I checked my phone and noticed that it wasn’t even a message.. Ay flashed me..

I quickly checked my account balance and realized I didn’t have card.. So I borrowed card and called Ay..

Me : Ay ma gee

Ay: Jay I dey O, you Don enter WhatsApp this evening?

Me: No, wetin sup?

Ay: Go check whatsapp, we go see tomorrow

Me: okay na

Now what’s going on? Why did Ay ask me to check WhatsApp?

I quickly switched on my data and my phone gave me that terrible notification “battery low”

“I hate this phone!” I shouted…

Since the phone was just 15% I decided to quickly check WhatsApp before looking for where to charge.. Then I got another notification “Battery low, shut down”

“Ha God! I give up” I said this time almost crying

“Wait sef, where I Wan charge again sef” I asked my self

I went out of my room and found everyone outside..

“Guys where we go charge this night?” I asked loud enough so everyone could hear

“Omo na wetin I bin wan ask be dat now sef” Meedo said..

(On a normal evening like this we had two spots were we charged our phones at night, the first place was the bar where we encountered cultist wahala, we dare not go there again… Second place was our next door neighbors.. They accused us of stealing their clothes.. You see wetin Sapa dey cause?… So right now… We had no where to charge our phones “)

” Up nepa! ” we heard the noise from a distance away..

” Up nepa? Wahala” I said

(we don’t have light in our compound)

We all started grumbling, we were frustrated… Fine we dont have good light in Ikole, but even when light comes… It won’t enter our house 😭😭

“Oye kan ni na nile Tayo (Tayo is meant to have light at his place)” Taye said

Ooh… Who is Tayo abi? Tayo is Taye’s closest friend.. And I later met the guy in the workers in training…

We all then decided to go to Tayo’s place so we can charge our phones..

On our way to Tayo’s house, something happened… 

Watch out for Jay The Fuoye Fresher season 2 episode 16

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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