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Jay The FUOYE Fresher season 2 Episode 16

Episode 16

***continued from last episode ********

“Oye kan ni na nile Tayo (Tayo is meant to have light at his place)” Taye said

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Ooh… Who is Tayo abi? Tayo is Taye’s closest friend.. And I later met the guy in the workers in training…

We all then decided to go to Tayo’s place so we can charge our phones..

On our way to Tayo’s house, something happened…


On our way to Tayo’s house something happened…

LOL… Nepa took light..

In anger we went back home…

Before 7 the next morning, I went out to look for where to pay to charge my phone..

The moment my phone boosted I quickly entered WhatsApp cos I was wondering what Ay must have told me to check online..

I entered WhatsApp and…

… One guy in our department just got his second guy…

I was so angry ehn.. “wetin concern me with pesin wey buy car?”

*Personal Opinion*

There is no oppression in Fuoye.. It’s just over hyped and people are the one oppressing themselves.. Nobody is oppressing anybody…

LOL that doesn’t mean Cars and Lady bikes no plenty inside campus oo…. 

I got to school very early that morning.. We were drawing close to the end of the first semester.. Exams was just in a month’s time… 

Chill what class was it again? 

Gst 105,..the class was going on as usual.. Suddenly the man said “tear a sheet of paper”.. 

After he dictated the question I just stared at my paper cos I didn’t even know what to write.. I then decided to write the question back inside the paper 😂🙁😜.. Next thing I knew was.. The lecturer came to where I sat.. 


“Sir? Me?” I asked looking confused 

“Yes, you!” 

“Excuse me sir” I said confused 

“Are you meant to be in this class” 

“Yes sir” 

“I’ve never seen your face before, get out of this class and never come back” 


Some lecturers get psycho… 

Try to attend lectures but trust me you can’t attend all lectures.

I walked out of the class with my head facing down.. I was so angry but I couldn’t react.. 

Just outside the class, the poki sellers were already outside… The aroma of the poki was so tempting.. (What is poki? Poki is the most popular snack in Fuoye, Ikole Campus. It’s more like fish roll without fish in it) 

I couldn’t resist the temptation.. I bought Poki and added nutri milk to it…After that I went to my department to cross check my files.. Remember I told you my first semester exams was fast approaching. 

Chai I didn’t tell you guys about how faculty officers in the department office bill students. As soon as I entered my department building like this, I saw Mr Adedokun.. I quickly went to hide 😂😂😂.. I cannot come and chop billing early in the morning. 

Before writing any exam, there is something called course registration form which is gotten from the school portal and it must be signed and stamped by the department.. The online course registration form is more like “exam permit”. 

As I was looking for my file in the department, someone entered..

Who entered? 

I’m sure you will get it wrong 😉😂

Watch out for Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 episode 17(Season Finale)

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant and educational informant.

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