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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 2

”’who was I before I became a fresher?how did I feel when I became a fresher? what errors did I make? my best and worst moments as a fresher?

I really want to talk about all of it.just calm down…learn and enjoy…

…continued from last episode….

I’d looked at them so much that I could know the face of a lady that passes by,by the buttocks…’by their yansh you shall know them’ you cannot kuku blame me, I no get work.

I was already getting bored and I was about going back into the shop when I noticed an unusual backside….”fuck shit” I nearly screamed..

“na who con get this kind big yansh” I asked myself

I was totally lost as my eyes followed the yansh as it oscillated like a pendulum bob being set into motion, moving to and fro….


I heard someone call out behind me and tapped me gently.

“Ekaaro ma(Good morning ma)”I said immediately I noticed who it was

“Kaaro(morning)”she replied

“Bawo laara mummy ?(How is mummy’s health?)”she asked concerned

“Alaafia ma(fine ma)”

I was getting tired of people asking me about mom’s health,cos even when all wasn’t well..You still have to say all is well..cos all these people are only looking for gossip.

The good thing is, a lot of my customers thought mom travelled out of the country and it felt better to keep it that way.

Yeah,the yansh I was staring at again….

Chai,that nonsnse mama did not allow me to see that yansh finish oo..

In anger,I went back into the shop, I picked up my phone and enetered facebook cos that was the only place that gave me joy.

Fuoye aspirants and stalites group was the name of the most popular group for Fuoye at that time and on that facebook group,you meet a lot of mad people , funny people infact I almost found love in 2017…lol,that’s a story for another day.

Some other people dont know than to be posting fake news and start claiming that their father’s brother’s uncle sister is in the admin office in Fuoye.

I saw a post “If you are in commputer engineering,please signify

I instantly replied under that message…

I received a message shortly after that

Unkown: “hi”

Me: “how far”

Unkown: “Are you student or an aspirant?”

Me: “Aspirant”

Unkown: “I am Ayobami and I’m aspiring for Computer Engineering in Fuoye”

Me: “Thank God, I finally met my course mate”

Ayo/Unknown: “lol”

Honestly I was very excited…Before this day,I had been loooking for my coursemates but they dont seem to exist.I had to quicly attend to a customer, when I grabbed my phone back, Ay was offline..That did not stop me from dropping a message.

Me: “What’s your screening point baba”

Well that was how I met Ay via Facebook oo

I later got to know that Ay was 3 screening points ahead of me. I had 65 and he had 68…

I was glad that happened, at least I saw someone to look up to when admission starts.

Some people who I looked up to for Information was then was someone like Richiegists ever before people like Undergragra , Smilegist , Leinad(ddrlng) ,De-efficient ,Sammygist and ko existed

I remember back then, I was so jobless despite the fact that I was managing mom’s business….I always disturbed FUOYE aspirants Whatsapp group, there was a particular group me and my goons disturbed so much, lol…Richiegists was the admin of the grp and he had one stubborn girl like that as the second admin…she always locked the grp anytime she liked and gave rules that we definitely could not meet up with. Las las she removed me from the group…..I frustrated her life ehnnn..

I was like “see the babe wey dey form strong head like sey she no go get melting point..las las she no go gain admission” lol….

Me and my goons that disturbed Whatsapp groups then decided to create a group for stubborn people like us.

We named the group “FUOYE Noisemakers”

Back in those days, stickers were not that common on whatsapp…But we still managed to disturb the group..

Yeah, that was were I met Lade

Watchout for Jay the FUOYE Freasher Season 2 Epiosde 3


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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