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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 5

…………..continued from last episode…….

I could swear to you that if we hit another bad road, I was definitely going to thtow up….

Then a stupid negative thought came into my head, what if we were stopped by thieves or police men stopped us and Daddy Ayo now forgot his particulars or something….

“Stop there!”A voice shouted right beside us….

Next thing I heard was the sound of a bullet


This sound was different from the one I heard in movies,it was like the sound of banger but with a more concentrated force like a thousand bangers thrown at the same time.

I froze….aswear my heart didn’t skip a beat….My heart practically jumped out of my body…

What’s going on here?

Daddy Ayomide parked by the side of the road after being stopped by..

by …

by who?


“Good morning Oga” Daddy Ayo said as he wound down the glass

“How is family Oga?” the cop asked

“They are all here Oga” Daddy Ayo said smiling

“ehn ehn ehn,anything for boys?”

“Bullshit” I muttered under my breath…….

Now I finally understood while the gunshot was fired.

The man refused to pay them money ,he sped off….that’s why the cop shot trying to scare the man…But was that right?

Be like sey that bullet was the last bullet in the policeman’s gun…lol

“Thieves!”I cursed……..

Daddy Ayo squezzed 100 naira and folded it into the hands of the cop.

The cop smiled and then gave Daddy Ayo a signal to move…

I counted not less than 20 police stop points before we got to Oye… 

Mehn, you just can’t understand the feeling I felt…I was now in Oye……Like I was finally in the place where I’ll spend the next 5 years of my life……….

On enetering Oye,I realised that I was in a village…the buildings were ugly…the area was dull….well that didn’t matter until we got to school junction.

I saw the big sign board with”FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OYE EKITI” written clearly on it…

That place was a bit more lively compared to the previous places we’ve passed.

School junction took barely 5 minutes by car ..Like we got there so early…and the journey was over ..I wish it took longer..

When we got to the school gate ,the structure of the school gate made me ashamed of choosing Fuoye,the school gate looked like an abandoned mortuary…Ugly,the paint was already peeling off…Pesin no fit even snap in front of school gate.mtcheew

We entered the school around 3pm and we left Ibadan around 9am or so….

Was the journey from Ibadan to Oye that long? Well you know it was a private car, so you can’t really compare it to entering public transport..

I got down from the car and I couldn’t feel my legs anymore…

“What’s wrong with me?”I asked myself in fear..

Within few minutes, my leg felt okay…

I felt that way due to the posture in which I sat while we were travelling stopping the flow of blood towards that part of my body.

Everyone came out of the car and started stretching their bodies..

Daddy Ayo then called Ay and I together and told us to go inside the main auditorium to get some pieces of information.

I stood still after receiving this instruction without knowing what to do…

It was then I noticed the buildings around the school….The school had two gates leading to two lines of tarred roads…It wasn’t that bad sha….

But it was not as beautiful as I had imagined.

There were some buildings before getting to the main auditorium,I don’t know why Fuoye likes green,white and gold colour so much…the colour wasn’t really like gold sef…It looked more like cream even the white isn’t really white like that…

Directly beside the main auditorium was the Wema bank where Ewa gave me red card …(lol you rememeber season one?)

I walked towards the main auditorium like a boss,I didn’t know whether to pass through the small entrance by the side or the bigger entrance where I saw a lot of students….

I shook the first guy my eyes met… “Whatsup boss”

The guy shook me back like we’ve known each other before…mhen…for the first time in a while I felt like a student. 

The big entrance led to another corridor with about three to four different doorways.

I entered through one of the doors and lo and behold…I was in the main auditorium..

Mhen the auditorium is big no cap…it was bigger than my imagination at that time…

The chairs which were like a row of benches nailed together with something like some sort of table with it was beautifully arranged around the auditorium…

From where I stood ,I could locate two other entrances into the auditorium asides the entrance in which I came in with.

Someone tapped me from behind…

I turned around and…


watchout for Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 6

Written by Ace/Undergragra


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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