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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 8

…………continued from last episode……………

We then decided to meet the next day at Oye for our medicals…well that didn’t work out well…The day I was meant to meet Ay was the day Ewa gave me red card…


Yeah,Omolademi….Did we finally meet? Did she even gain admission?


How did I finally meet Lade my partner in crime?

Okay we just had our blood tested and we went to get our can where we were to put our urine in(like the can is one very tiny transparent bowl like that,if you are not careful enough you’ll end up urinating on your hand..makes me wonder what mehod ladies used to get theirs done.

I felt a vibration in my pocket ,I immediately knew that it was my phone….I picked the call without looking at the phone’s screen to know who the caller was…


“Hi Jay”

“I’m sorry, who is this?”

“Jay,you didnt save my number abi?”

I recognised the voice immediately “this is Lade right?”

“Nonsense boy….I’m coming to Oye today oo” 

“Omolademi why are you lying na” I said forming a little kid’s voice

“Wo Jason I’m in the bus already ooo…”

“Say God!” I said shocked

“We are in Ifaki now sef”

“Okay na….I go dey expect you”…

I dropped the phone and went to a stage of complete shock….

“when did this babe get admission sef?” I asked my self

“Which babe?”Ay asked making me realise that I was actually thinking out loud.

“I dey expect one babe from Ib and she don almost reach Oye self”

“Your babe abi?” Ay asked smiling coyly

“Abeg make we go find somewhere piss jhor”

That was when we realised that there were no toilets around…Jeez…

In the process of looking for toilet we met an another guy like that sha…as we started talking and making jest of ourselves as we walked around looking for a nearby bush to urinate..

We got to know that the guy was an engineering student….till today ,I dont still know his name…That’s bad I know.

We finally did the whole urine stuff and submitted it, con see different types of urine….But mehn I started getting scared that I had a problem cos my urine was looking like vitamin c dissolved inside water..

I’ve done xray(remember season 1),Ive done blood and urine test….Remaining eye test..

This was another stupid test like that ooo

We left the school medical centre to another block of classes where we found freshers like us ..

We joined the line cos we heard that was where we were to have our eye test done..

My pocket vibrated again …I picked it up and signalled to Ay and the new guy we met that I’ll be joining them soon.

I think you know what happpened right….c’mon…..

Lade has arrived..

And she was in the main auditorium,each step I took close to the main auditorium made me shiver ….

Jeez,don’t start thinking I’m scared of girls oo…wetin  Ewa do me ehn …

The medical centre to the main auditorium is like a 2 minutes walk but I technically spent over 10 minutes cos I was thinking of the perfect approach..

Another thing is, on the group chat,she must have been seeing me as some rugged guy and I’m just not like that…

I didn’t enter through the main entrance,I entered through the left and there I saw Lade standing and looking around like she was lost.

Then I walked over………



watch out for Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 9


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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