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Jay The Fuoye Fresher Season 1 Episode 2

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Jay the fuoye fresher episode 2 : Humilation

*continued from Jay the fuoye fresher episode 1*

“Hi Ewa” I said calmly when I was sure my shirt had been well adjusted.She raised her head up gently then gave me this bad eye before replying, “Hello”She turned back to her phone and as if she remembered something

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“Chill, how do you even know my name?” she asked raising her voice a little

“I…I…” I began to stammer”

Its because you are beau….”

“Abeg abeg!” She said shouting so loud! I was sure the whole school heard her.

“Oh my God!” she said as she  stopped resting on the wall and faced me putting her hands on her waist like a woman who is ready to fight .She walked closer to me and gave me this irritating look.

“How old are you?” she said as she shot me a look with disdain

“Old enough to be your boyfriend” I said smiling a little bit and the already gathering crowd cheered me. Little did i know that the worst was yet to come.

Something hit me! I couldn’t decipher what it was….All I could hear was this echo in my hear…….Shit! Did she just slap me?

“You should have something better doing! In your life don’t ever stop me again!”

“You think am those small small girls in your area that you use to toast?”

” Now take some steps back and behave as if this conversation never took place!” She shouted louder this time and every one was staring at us like a movie.

She turned around and called on her friends,”babes let’s leave this place” she said hurriedly blowing imaginary air on her self like she was feeling hot.

“But I’m a fine boy o!” I said to my self. The earth stood still, everywhere became stuffy! I was so sure I was going to faint. I felt so weak and water crawled down my face like I had been beaten by rain.

I looked around and realized everyone was still staring at me. The next thing I heard was a lady chuckling like  a hen about to be slaughtered then everyone started laughing. That was when I realized some guys had been recording everything.

Shit! Everything? I’m so screwed! My first day in school?  Worst day of my life! (That’s what I thought, I never knew more was to come) Fine everyone was watching me, right?.

So, I decided to run away but as I lifted my legs, to run I realised they were shaky and heavier than fifty bags of cement. Trying to run, I suddenly missed a step and fell with a loud thud. Now the laughter got even louder as I became the centre of attraction.

I shamelessly walked out of the school like I urinated on my body. How I got home, I can’t explain. You probably know by now I stay with my uncle in Ado. Immediately I got home,  I went off to sleep. I’m sure my uncle and his wife thought it was school registration stress. But It was more.

I woke up the next morning with my head aching like I carried bags of cement in my dream. I doubt if I have ever had an headache that hurts this much. I then realised I didn’t eat the night before…. Shit! I’ve been sleeping since yesterday?.

I rushed to the sitting room and guess what? It was  15 minutes after 7…..” 7 : 15?”!.”… I became sweaty immediately… “My village people well done o!” I rushed to the bathroom and did the necessary.

I was so much in a hurry that I couldn’t even eat. My uncle’s wife tried persuading me, but I was too stubborn. ( I wish I listened) “45 minutes to 8! ” I exclaimed almost crying. I looked around the bus and I realized there were other freshers like me.

I felt relieved, at least I’m not  the only one. I made a few friends in the bus and I started to have a good feeling.  “Today will be good” I said to myself. Some guys began telling tales of how they’ve been trying to do the medicals for over a month, the truth is, I didn’t believe them.

15 minutes after 8, I was in the school again.The events of the previous day started playing in my head… I looked at my wrist watch and sighed. I ran like an antelope chased by a cheetah.

I got to the medical centre  panting heavily and looked at my watch and felt good! “I’m so fast!” I said smiling but, the smile gradually faded when I realized that the crowd today was more than that of the previous day. My heart rent.

I was down and looked for a place I could sit. I was sitting when one of the guys I met in the bus from Ado to Oye tapped me “Dude, have you written your number?” I was confused and I was like “my phone number?” He smiled a little and said “no bro, like your number on the list” “We write our names on some paper sha” he added pointing towards a small gathering of students.

I rushed down there and I realized you had to be sharp, I chanced some guys and as I was writing my name I noticed I was number 445.”445!” I screamed in my head.

One annoying looking guy snatched my biro from my hand as I was writing. I turned around to face him in anger. “Guy I came here before you! ”  the guy shouted “Are you crazy?” Did I just say that? Yeah the guy was really making me angry. He came towards me like he wanted to fight me, he then paused.. “Are you not that guy that babe gave red card yesterday?”.

Immediately he said that, all eyes stared at me again! “Jay your own Don finish” I said to myself.”Aswear na the guy!” one tall idiot yelled from the back. That day I got a new nickname “Red Card” As usual I ran off again. ‘I will come very early tomorrow’ I said to myself…. Chai. I wish I knew what was going to happen….. Do you want to know what will happen?.

Watch out for Jay the fuoye fresher  episode 3

I am Ace


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