LASU Bars Indecent Dressing

The Lagos State University, LASU, has implemented fifteen new indecent clothing restrictions for its students on campus.

The administration also directed professors to guarantee that no students enter lectures while dressed inappropriately.

The University, in a statement made by the interim Head of the Centre for Information, Olaniyi Jeariogbe, cautioned that it is no longer happy with the students’ continued disregard for its laws and regulations on the manner of clothing on campus.

According to the statement, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, had informed the College Provost, Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments, as well as faculty officials on both the main and satellite campuses, to work together to implement the new dress code.
Wearing transparent dresses, dirty jeans with holes or obscene subliminal messages, mini and skimpy skirts/dresses, and other clothes revealing sensitive parts of the body, particularly by ladies, tattered clothes, “baggy”, “saggy”, “yansh”, “ass level”, and all other forms of indecent trousers are among the fifteen indecent dressing codes outlined by the Institution. Others include obscenely written-up shirts and tops, tight-fitting apparel, rolling of sleeves or flying of shirt collars, obnoxious or seductive inscription; improperly buttoned shirts dresses, shirts without buttons, complete covering of faces (very dark glasses) or wearing of face caps; body piercing and tattooing; wearing of necklace and earrings by male students, wearing of very big dropping earrings, wearing of necklaces and nose rings by students.

The school administration also warned male students against wearing distracting shoes, such as stiletto heels, to the library and lecture rooms, as well as plaiting, weaving, or gluing their hair. Untidy shoes, unkempt, vividly dyed hair/eyelashes/brown, very bogus hair or coloured artificial hair, fake dreadlocks, fixing of long nails, and fixing of long eyelashes.

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