10 Most Difficult Subjects in JAMB 2024


What are the most difficult subjects in Jamb?Questions like this pop up every now and then but honestly at times I feel like you are asking the wrong question..

Relax cos this article aims to demystify this. Trust me when I say JAMB is very easy.

Navigating through the academic maze of JAMB can be both challenging and thrilling. As you gear up for the 2024 examinations, it’s crucial to be aware of the subjects that often pose formidable obstacles.

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List of the Most Difficult Subjects in JAMB

Here’s a human touch to the list of the 10 most difficult subjects in JAMB.

1. Mathematics

Mathematics, often dubbed the queen of the sciences, stands tall as one of the most challenging subjects. Its intricate problems, from algebra to calculus, demand a solid grasp of concepts and thorough problem-solving skills.

So many people spend a large portion of their time trying to do Mathematics, it’s advisable that you focus on easier subjects first then save up time to focus on Maths.

2. Accounting

Accounting takes the runner-up position, requiring students to unravel complex financial scenarios. Mastery of balance sheets, financial statements, and accounting principles is paramount to conquer this subject.

Just like Mathematics, a lot of people find accounting very difficult.

3. Commerce

Commerce introduces students to the world of business and trade, posing challenges in understanding economic concepts, trade terminologies, and business structures. A comprehensive grasp is essential for success.

4. Physics

Physics emerges as a subject that demands not just theoretical knowledge but also the application of principles to real-world scenarios. Understanding laws and formulas is just the beginning of conquering this subject.

5. Chemistry

Oh how I love Chemistry, but I’ve realized a lot of students struggle with it cos they feel like all you need to do is cramm.

If only you’ll understand that just like Physics, Chemistry is also very practical.

Chemistry’s intricacies involve mastering chemical equations, understanding molecular structures, and comprehending the periodic table. It’s a subject that demands attention to detail and a knack for logical reasoning.

6. Use of English

Surprisingly, the English language, often taken for granted, ranks high among challenging subjects. From grammatical rules to comprehension passages, Use of English requires a nuanced understanding of the language.

A lot of people fail to focus on this and end up with low scores in JAMB Use of English.

7. Literature

Literature introduces students to the world of poetry, drama, and prose. Analyzing literary works, identifying figures of speech, and interpreting themes make Literature a subject that requires both creativity and analytical skills.

8. Biology


Biology, the study of life, unfolds as a subject with vast topics and intricate details. From cellular processes to ecosystems, students need to navigate through a myriad of biological concepts.

9. Government

Government extends beyond basic civic education, delving into political structures, ideologies, and governance. Students need to grasp the intricacies of political systems to excel in this subject.


The inclusion of Christian Religious Studies (CRS) or Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) introduces a spiritual dimension to the challenges in JAMB. Understanding religious doctrines and principles becomes crucial for success.


Q1: Which subject is the most challenging in JAMB?

A: Mathematics typically tops the list as one of the most challenging subjects in JAMB due to its complex problem-solving nature.

Q2: How can I improve my performance in Physics?

A: Focus on understanding fundamental principles, practice problem-solving regularly, and seek assistance when needed.

Q3: Is Literature more challenging than Biology?

A: Difficulty varies among students, but both Literature and Biology present unique challenges. Success depends on individual strengths and study strategies.

Q4: Are there any shortcuts for mastering Chemistry?

A: There are no shortcuts, but consistent practice, understanding chemical concepts, and seeking clarification on challenging topics can enhance performance.

Q5: Can I excel in these subjects with proper preparation?

A: Absolutely! Diligent preparation, strategic study plans, and seeking guidance when needed can significantly improve your performance in these challenging subjects.



While these subjects may seem like formidable mountains, they are conquerable with the right mindset and strategic preparation. Approach each subject with curiosity, seek assistance when needed, and allocate your study time wisely. Remember, the journey is as important as the destination. Best of luck in your JAMB 2024 endeavors!

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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