Sacred Chronicles

No Gree for Anybody|Sacred Chronicles: Discovering Life’s Lessons in the Bible

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“No Gree for Anybody”

Sacred Chronicles: Discovering Life’s Lessons in the Bible – Genesis 32

Having just concluded a serious discussion with his father-in-law, He found himself free but burdened by an inner struggle. Something was eating him up, and he needed to act fast.

How his grandfather communicated easily with God without technology remained a mystery to him cos he was in dire need of that privilege.

 A crime he committed years back haunted him, disrupting his sleep and peace of mind.

Stepping outside his tent, he observed his favorite son, Joseph, playing.

“Joseph,” he called out.

“Yes, Daddy,” Joseph replied, running towards his dad.

 “Go and call your mummy for me,” he added.

The little boy, clearly sensing the worry on his father’s face, successfully brought his mother to meet his father.

“My Lord!” she called out.

 “May I come in?” “Yes,” he replied. She noticed the worry wrinkles on his face immediately upon entering.

 “My Lord, what’s the matter?”

“My Lord bawo? We are no longer in the public jhor,” he said, smiling a little.

 “Oya what’s wrong baby now,” Rachael said, now looking worried as she sat beside him.

Omo, it’s my brother o,” Jacob said. “Esau?” She asked, confused.

 “Ehn nau, I get another brother? Since your dad has finally freed us, I’m thinking of going to see him,” Jacob said with a slight grin, watching her face, wondering how she’d react.

“Jacob, do you want to get yourself killed!!?” She screamed, almost crying.

 “I believe it’s time for me to do this,” he finally said, undeterred.

He pulled her closely, wrapping his arms around her as she sobbed quietly.

He then called out some of his servants to send a message to Esau, who was at Seir in Edom.

 He was terrified, but God showed him a host of Angels surrounding him to calm him.

Jacob prayed for mercy as he finally left his Father-in-law and Uncle_Laban.

He took off to the land of his father but he had to see his brother first.

The messengers returned, informing him that Esau, along with 400 men, were approaching, intensifying Jacob’s fear.

As Esau and his 400 men approached, Jacob strategically arranged his family and possessions, leaving him, his favorite wife, and son at the back.

When night came, Jacob separated himself from his family for some alone time.

In solitude, he encountered a strange man. They engaged in a serious hand-to-hand combat; the man tried relentlessly, but he couldn’t win.

 “Guy free me na,” the man said.

 “Alaye I NO GREE FOR ANYBODY seh. “Boss abeg na, make I dey go my way.”

” You no dey hear word? I no gree until you bless me.”

Seeing Jacob’s persistence, the man stretched his hand, twisting a bone around his waist.

However, Jacob endured the excruciating pain and continued wrestling.

 “Okay, what’s your name?” The man asked, breathing heavily.

“I am Jacob,” he said, almost crying due to the already twisted bone.

The man then said, “Your name shall no more be Jacob but Israel.”

“You sey wetin?” Jacob asked, confused. “For as a prince, you have power with God and with men, because you no gree for anybody.”

Jacob’s life did change significantly after this incident; he became Israel.

Post-wrestling, Jacob, now Israel, continued his journey and finally made peace with his brother. This episode in his life reflects a broader lesson.

The year has taken off with speed, and many people have started breaking their new year resolutions already.

Some have set goals and are starting to wonder if those goals are achievable. I want you to not just see this story as the story of Jacob wrestling God but the story of a man that wrestled with his flesh and prevailed.

In this new year, let Jacob’s wrestle inspire you to say:

  • NO GREE FOR ANYBODY holding back your progress.

Jacob’s transformation into Israel signifies the victory of self-discipline and determination.

As the year unfolds, may you wrestle and triumph over the challenges hindering your progress.

Till I write to you again.

 ©️Aruwaji Philip

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