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Take your time to read instructions before taking this test.

There are 40 questions which you are to answer in 15 minutes that gives you roughly 30 seconds per question.

If you can get at least 60%, you can be rest assured that you’ll ace CHM 203 exam

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In a normal exam you will be asked between 40 – 60 questions but I only arranged 40 questions


Do not be in a hurry to answer the questions

Do not waste time on a question you don’t know

Move as fast as possible and starting with questions that don’t have calculation first to save time

Always crosscheck

Don’t be in a hurry to submit, you are not in a competition

Don’t be scared. Getting an A is easy

Don’t be over confident, you can end up a D, E or F. Calm your blood, no be only you sabi book

Please do well to use our comment box incase there’s a message you want to pass to us

70 – 100 A

60 – 69 B

50 – 59 C

45 – 49 D

40 – 44 E

0 – 39 F

I wish you success



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❤️ Undergragra

Created on By Ace/Undergragra

PHY 201


1 / 36

1. In an electromagnetic wave, the electric field of amplitude 6.2V/m oscillates with a
frequency of 2.4X10
10Hz. The Energy density of the wave is__________

2 / 36

2. The entire theory of electromagnetic waves is contained in Maxwell’s equations.

3 / 36

3. The basic theorem/ principle used to obtain mass-energy relation is_____________

4 / 36

4. Differential form of Gauss’s law in magneto statics is_____________

5 / 36

5. In the case v<<c, Lorentz transformation is the same as____________

6 / 36

6. The velocity of a charged particle to keep moving in the same direction, in a region

where electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular to each other ,is_______________

7 / 36

7. Magnetic field can be produced by___________

8 / 36

8. Which of the following laws do not form a Maxwell equation?

9 / 36

9. Find the charge density when the electric Flux density is given by 2xi+3yj+4zk

10 / 36

10. Which of the following is Einstein’s mass energy relation?

11 / 36

11. The output per unit of the variable factor employed is called

12 / 36

12. A particle of mass ‘m0’ moves with speed 0.8c, where ‘c’ is the speed of light in

vacuum.The relativistic kinetic energy of the particle is nearly

13 / 36

13. The Faraday’s law states about which type of EMF

14 / 36

14. Two particles approach each other with a speed 0.8c with respect to the laboratory.

Their relative speed is___________

15 / 36

15. For Pair Production phenomenon to occur the photon must have energy,greater than

or equal to____________

16 / 36

16. In metals which of the following equation will hold good?

17 / 36

17. If the velocity of a charged particle in perpendicular electric and magnetic field is

7.27X10^6 m/s and the Electric field is 6X10^6 N/c,what should be the value of magnetic

field for velocity sector?

18 / 36

18. What would be the mass of the body at rest,i fit explodes into two objects of mass 2
kg each moving with a speed 0.8c relative to the original body

19 / 36

19. In which of the following form scan Maxwell’s equation not be represented?

20 / 36

20. In vacuum or free space, what observations are made?

21 / 36

21. Lorentz transformations are based on the principle of consistency of the velocity of

22 / 36

22. Which of the following is the expression for Lorentz force

23 / 36

23. Which of the following is the expression for the continuity equation?

24 / 36

24. Two particles approach each other with a velocity of 0.9c.What is their relative

velocity as observed by A

25 / 36

25. The property of magnetic field to converge electrons is used in microscopes as


26 / 36

26. Find the Maxwell law derived from Ampere law

27 / 36

27. The charge build up in the capacitor is due to which quantity?

28 / 36

28. Lorentz transformation equations hold for

29 / 36

29. In Lorentzian relativity, if two events are simultaneous for one observer, they will be

simultaneous for all other observers as well.

30 / 36

30. The divergence of which quantity will be zero

31 / 36

31. Find the Flux enclosed of a material of Flux density 12 units in area of 80cm

32 / 36

32. Increase in all inputs by a certain percentage resulting in a relatively higher percentage increase in output is referred to as:

33 / 36

33. Einstein energy mass equivalence is application on all the following except

34 / 36

34. When a particle is moving with a velocity of v light c relative to S, its velocity as

observed by an observer in the frame S

’ is_____________

35 / 36

35. A point charge of 10X10-6C is at the centre of a cubical Gaussian surface of sides
0.5m. What is the flux for the surface?

36 / 36

36. Find the electric Flux density of a material with charge density 16 units in unit volume

Your score is

The average score is 52%



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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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