Unilag Hostel Picture, Unilag Hostel Fees|Unilag Hostel Portal 2023

 Unilag Hostel Picture, Unilag Hostel Fees|Unilag Hostel Portal, Names of Hostels in Unilag

All you need to know about Unilag Hostel Accommodation 

Have you been surfing the Internet asking questions like, what’s the capacity of UNILAG hostels, what is UNILAG hostel balloting, UNILAG Hostel balloting for 2022/2023 session, how to apply for UNILAG hostel in 2022/2023 session, UNILAG hostel fees, UNILAG hostel application for freshers,… 

Congratulations, you are on the right page.

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Unilag Hostel Fees 

How to Make Payment of Unilag Hostel Accommodation 2020/2021

The management of UNILAG has provided procedures for anyone who wants to secure an accommodation to follow:

Category A Returning students (Year 2 – 5) Monday, November 27 – Friday, December 1, 2019

Category B Freshers (UTME & Direct Entry) Monday, October , 2019

Category C Freshers (male only for newly renovated Sodeinde Hall , ₦60,000) on first come- first-served basis Monday November 2019

  • First log into unilag.edu.ng
  • Then you can click on Hostel payment information
  • You can pay online or through any bank.

Unilag Hostel Balot or Unilag Hostel Balotting

What is UNILAG Hostel Balloting?

For you to be reading this post, there is a high possibility that you just gained admission into Unilag, as a Unilag fresher, you probably must have heard of Unilag hostel balloting.. 

Unilag hostel blotting is more like a survival of the fittest kind of situation “Kill or be killed, first come first serve” 

Be ready to struggle to get into a good hostel during the Unilag hostel blotting process…. 

But why do we have to struggle for everything in this country. 

So how can you ballot for Unilag hostel? 

How to Ballot for UNILAG Hostel

  1. Go to UNILAG Student portal
  2. Log in to your student profile
  3. Scroll down and click on the accommodation icon
  4. Select your desired hostel (scroll down to read about the hostels)
  5. Click on hostel reservation
  6. Confirm your reservation
  7. Download your Unilag hostel slip

UNILAG Hostel Clearance Requirements

What are the Unilag hostel clearance requirements like? Read on… 

  • Original hostel confirmation slip 
  • WAPIC Receipt
  • Bio-data form (for freshers)
  • Lagmobile receipt
  • School fees receipt
  • 2 Bed-sheets
  • 2 Pillow-cases
  • 7 personal passport photographs
  • Parents passport photograph
  • Admission letter (for freshers)
  • Signed conditions of tenancy

Important Information About Unilag Hostel 2022

  • The registration is done online via UNILAG online portal
  • The spaces in each room are labeled A, B, C, D, E, F and so on, depending on the capacity of the room. This number is given to you when you secure a space on UNILAG online portal. Unlike other universities where top bunks are for 100 level and 200 level students, hostel spaces in UNILAG are not given based on the level. In other words, a final year student can get the top bunk space and a fresher can get the bottom bunk space.
  • All hostel balloting is on a first come first serve basis and is done online. Freshers and final year students are usually given preference during the balloting for hostels.
  • Hostels usually face the problems of pests and bed bugs so ensure you have yourself prepared for everything.
  • All hostels (male and female) have a good power supply except in rare situations where there is a general power failure. These situations are managed speedily on campus anyway.
  • All hostels cost N25,000 except Sodeinde Hall that costs from N65,000 to N85,000. This accommodation fee is paid per session.

How to secure hostel space in UNILAG for the 2020/2021 session

  • Pay your school fees and register your courses online on UNILAG portal. Only those that have paid their school fees for that session are eligible to apply for hostel and participate in balloting.
  • On the day of balloting, there is usually a lot of traffic so students are advised to use more than one device to ballot for hostel spaces, to ensure they can secure one. Balloting last for about 3 to 4 days. This session’s (2019/2020) balloting will begin on the 6th of January, 2020.
  • If you could secure a space, you will have to pay in the bank through Remita within 3 days after you get the space or you would forfeit it.
  • Then you wait for the date for hostel registration in the respective halls.
  • After you have successfully done your hostel registration, sometimes known as manual clearance, at the halls of residence, you are free to move in.

Unilag Hostels

Names of Unilag Male Hostels

  • Sodeinde Hall
  • Saburi Biobaku Hall
  • Mariere Hall
  • King Jaja Hall
  • Eni Njoku Hall

Names of Unilag Female Hostels

  • Queen Moremi Hall
  • Queen Amina Hall
  • Makama-Bida Hall
  • Madam Tinubu Hall
  • Kofo Ademola Hall
  • Honours Hall
  • Fagunwa Hall

Capacity of Unilag Hostels

What is Unilag’s hostel capacity?

  • Majority of the Unilag Female hostels have the capacity to accommodate 4 people i.e double bunks.
  • Madam Kofo Hall is kind of big, it has the capacity to occupy 4 double bunks 
  • Queen Moremi Hall is badass, I’ll advice you to struggle for it. Queen Moremi Hall is the largest female hostel in terms of compound size. It has 4 types of rooms all of different capacity. It has 4-man rooms, 6-man rooms, 8-man rooms and 10-man rooms. It is the cleanest female hostel. The water supply is very good. 
  • Sodeinde Hall in Unilag is just like Queen Moremi Hall, but it’s for males.
  • Saburi Biobaku hall in Unilag has the capacity to contain a contain 8 occupants, while Mariere hall in Unilag contains only 4 occupants and its not as small as Eni Njoku hall in Unilag (Hall for the quiet ones)
  • I almost forgot King Jaja Hall in Unilag, it has a set of 2 man to 16 man rooms…

Unilag Hostel Pictures 


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