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Does HAVILLA UNIVERSITY Accept Two Sittings In 2024

Does HAVILLA UNIVERSITY Accept Two Sittings? 


Does HAVILLA UNIVERSITY Accept Two Sittings

Can HAVILLA UNIVERSITY accept two sittings?

This question troubles a lot of students… So many aspirants have come to my dm to ask questions like that… Honestly at times I feel like you guys get yourself worked up for nothing.

Did you choose HAVILLA UNIVERSITY and you have so many questions… 😂 You have to chill.. Did you choose HAVILLA UNIVERSITY as 1st choice? Now the issue you have is, you want to use two sittings but you are not sure if HAVILLA UNIVERSITY accepts it right?

Congratulations you are on the right page. Take a chill pill, get popcorn  and coke… Join me on this explanation journey

If you’re reading this article there are a few things involved

  • You recently registered for JAMB and you chose HAVILLA UNIVERSITY as your first choice
  • You just finished writing JAMB and you’re considering making HAVILLA UNIVERSITY your first choice
  • Your O’level result just came out and you had a D7,E8,F9 in one or more important subjects

Whichever category you fall under, this  article is here for you .

One of the Important Information you need to know about a particular University is whether or not they Accept Two sittings.

What does two sittings mean? 

 For those that don’t know, Two sittings is the use or Combination of two O-Level Certificate under the same name for admission.

  This is very helpful especially for those that were unable to have a minimum of Credit in all their core courses in a particular certificate and had some of the one they failed in one certificate on the other one.

Honestly the situation can be very painful, so many of my aspirants had to apply for change of course form because they failed one subject .Especially for English and Mathematics.

Does HAVILLA UNIVERSITY accept Two Sittings For admission in 2024/25 Academic Session ?

One of the Important Information you need to know about a particular University is whether or not they Accept Two sittings.

YES HAVILLA UNIVERSITY accepts two sittings..You don’t know before, but now you know.

Now that we have known that HAVILLA UNIVERSITY Accept Two Sittings, Can one Combine WAEC Two WAEC Result or Two NECO Result or perhaps a WAEC And NECO?

The most commonly accepted HAVILLA UNIVERSITY two sittings combination for HAVILLA UNIVERSITY screening or O’level verification that I know of are:

  • WAEC and WAEC
  • NECO and NECO
  • WAEC and NECO

Others will be communicated to you in due time..


Without any iota of doubt, I can tell you that HAVILLA UNIVERSITY accepts 2 sittings.. So just relax

Its safer to use one sitting though, some universities especially the top universities in Nigeria might not accept 2 sittings for courses like Medicine, Dentistry and probably Law.

I hope have been able to educate you on” does HAVILLA UNIVERSITY Accept Two Sittings”

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Does HAVILLA UNIVERSITY accept two sittings for all courses?
    • Yes HAVILLA UNIVERSITY generally accepts two sittings for all courses, although some courses may have specific requirements. It’s advisable to check with the university or the official admission guidelines.
  2. Can I combine a WAEC and NECO result for admission to HAVILLA UNIVERSITY?
    • Yes, HAVILLA UNIVERSITY allows you to combine WAEC and NECO result for two sittings.
  3. Is it challenging to change my course if I face difficulties with one sitting?
    • While it’s possible to change courses, it’s recommended to explore all options and seek guidance from the university’s admission office.
  4. What is the preferred option for admission to specialized courses at HAVILLA UNIVERSITY?
    • Specialized courses like Medicine, Dentistry, and Law might prefer a single sitting. It’s advisable to check the specific requirements for such programs.
  5. How can I get assistance if I encounter difficulties during the admission process?
    • If you face any challenges, you can reach out for assistance through direct messages. The university is there to guide you through the process. You can always call or message me .

For further questions please use the comment box

Admission is yours by God’s grace

I remain Undergragra your favourite education blogger



Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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