Nepalese Students Stuck In Bunker In Israel ask Government to Rescue Them

Nepalese students who are trapped in an Israeli bunker sent a video message. They sent a message asking Nepalese authorities for an early evacuation of the bunker.They got stranded in the bunker due to rocket assaults by Hamas militants. 265 people, including some of the kids, travelled to Israel as part of a study programme. During the earlier attack on 17 Nepali students, Ten people were killed and four people were injured.The Israeli Prime Minister has been asked to intervene by the opposition party. Prime Minister has summoned a special meeting to assess the matter after the government was asked to act to rescue the stranded pupils.

According to a video message from the kids, “We are not safe in this bunker because earlier, our friends were brutally killed by the Hamas people entering the bunker and we don’t want to have the same fate,” According to sources in the foreign ministry, several Nepalese were among the 265 students who travelled to Israel as part of the country’s “Learn and Earn” study programme.
The Palestinian militant organisation, Hamas launched a barrage of airstrikes in southern Israel on Saturday. It resulted in at least 700 fatalities and more than 2,100 injuries.

Hamas earlier attack caught 17 Nepali students from Sudur Paschim University who were working on a farm at Kibbutz Alumim, a location close to the Gaza Strip.Ten of them were students; four others were injured and are currently receiving medical care.

One of the pupils is reportedly still missing, while two of the students were saved.
A total of 265 students, including 119 from the Agriculture and Forestry University, 97 from Tribhuvan University, and 49 from Sudur Paschim University, travelled to Israel to take part in the 11-month “Learn and Earn” initiative, according to the sources.

They are all agricultural students enrolled in bachelor’s programmes.

According to the government-run Gorkhapatra daily, hundreds of students have staged a silent procession in Tikapur Municipality of Western Nepal .
They are carrying placards calling for the government to take quick action to rescue the Nepalese students from the war-torn region of Israel.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has summoned a special meeting of the Council of Ministers on Monday to discuss the latest situation in Israel and the condition of the Nepali community there, according to officials.

Nepal’s main opposition CPN-UML has also asked Prime Minister Pushpa Kamar Dahal to talk to his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu to rescue the Nepalis.

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