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Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 2


Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 2


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Ruth’s Diary…

Dear diary, today is my first day in FUOYE my dad has sent his driver to drop me at the hotel I rented off campus, now the driver has left and I’m left alone with my fate, I rented a self contain as I’m not used to sharing public toilet, I have finished arranging my new room now I’m viewing it from outside no doubt everything about the room speak of money all thanks to my dad and of course my boyfriend Jason a student of Afe Babalola university Here in Ekiti, oh that reminds me diary I haven’t called Jason and he hasn’t called me either, I picked up my iPhone 7 and dialed Jason number he picked at the 2nd beep

“Hey Ass hole” I said

“Hey big yansh”he answered

“so If I didn’t call u now u won’t dim it fit to call me abi ” I said

“No baby I know you will be tired so I don’t want to stress you I know you will call me when you are less busy ” he said

“Alright baby I’m now in oye and as a matter of fact I’m coming over to Ado this evening I’m scared of sleeping alone”i told him

“Humm say the truth o is that the reason you want to come over or… ” I cut him short

“Or I missed your di*k, Jason I’ve missed that thick pri*k of yours, babe I missed f*ck**g you baby I wanna suck you dry” I told him

“huh baby I’m having a hard d**k already quickly come over I can’t wait to see you “he said

“in the next 45minutes I will be there “I said as I hung up..

I dressed up casually and went to the main road waiting for a bus going to Ado, in few minutes a bus stop and I entered, within 40 minutes we got to Ado and I alighted, I called Jason to come pick me up at the bus stop as I have never been to his apartment before and less than 10 minutes a silver Toyota corolla parked before me and Lo it was the love of my life, I hopped in as he drove and went to his apartment in silence..

“Wow, this place is lovely you’ve got a good taste for the colour of this room” I said

“Sure baby ” he said

‘see I’m sleeping over so I will do the compliment later what I need now is a good f**k’ I told him

“calm down nah Ruth at least rest a while ”

“rest ke, I haven’t seen you in Lagos for almost 3months now I have the opportunity to see you ,you are telling me to calm down ”

He was about saying something when I locked my lips with his at the same time I was using my hands to do justice to his already ere**ted d**k, I pushed him to the bed as he lay flat on his back, I unbuttoned his shirt as I sucked his ni*ples and my hand was still caressing his d**k, he took over has he inserted his fingers in my already over wet pu**y Jason was so good at finger**g, he was doing it well that I was moaning so loud, oh ouch baby bleep me now pleeeaase, he stopped the finger**g as he used his tongue to lick my plate, oh my God I’ve missed this guy so much, I was dying for his d**k to bleep me hard, he was still sucking my pu**y when I c*m in his mouth, he stood up and went to the toilet to spit it out and rinsed his mouth and came back to continue from where he stopped, oh JasonPlease bleep me now I’m dying to feel your konji baby, he inserted his konji in my wet pu**y, oh my God he was hitting me hard I spread my legs wide for full penetration as I kept screaming his name to go harder, Jason fu*ck me like a slut, make me useless, I’m a bitch fuck me with no mercy, Jason was still bleeping me hard,now I’m giving him the doggy style oh Jason shift my womb, we bleep for 20 more minutes and we both c*med..

We both had our shower together and we both slept.

The following morning I told him I was leaving as I’m having my first lecture by 12pm,he said he was going to miss me as he dropped me at FUOYE campus gate, I kissed him goodbye as he drove off, I was in the class when a girl walked up to me she said her name is Tolani and she is in accounting department I asked her what she wants from me and she asked if I’m in need of a roommate as she can’t sleep alone in a room, after Tolani told me things about her and I realized that I like her I told her she can move in to my room..

Tolani moved to my room that evening and without even waiting for so long she brought out a can of origin as she began to drink, “you drink? “I asked astonishing

“Yes, don’t you? ” she asked

“I don’t drink, don’t you know our body is the temple of God, as a believer one has to keep the commandments of Go” I said as I continued preaching to Tolani all my preaching entered her dead ear..

Inside of me I was laughing that look at pastor Mrs Ruth, but I’m not as bad as Tolani I don’t drink and I don’t club but I know how to f*ck well….

The following day something happened at school

Diary of a Fuoye Su Babe

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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