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Diary of a FUOYE SU Babe Episode 3


 Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 3


The following day at school some campus fellowship excos came to look for freshers who are ready to fellowship with God in different campus chapels, MFM ,RCCG, winners campus fellowship, CAC and other churches member came to meet us without deliberating I chose to attend MFM campus fellowship, Tolani was making jest of me that of all churches why would I chose MFM but I told her I was an MFM member from home( lie of the century�) she said she won’t join any campus fellowship..

In the evening I went to church for mid week service, after the service the fellowship papa asked the first timer to wait, I was the last person waiting to be attended to by papa. When it reached my turn he asked for my name and some details about me, as I was talking I noticed that papa’s konji was rising I tried to figure out what went wrong then I realized that I was not seating well and of course I wasn’t wearing a pant, papa has been viewing my well shaved kitty cat, I moved closer to papa’s ear and whispered “do you wanna have a taste of what you saw” papa was breathing very fast and said “I come against you, you daughter of Jezebel ” I laughed and told papa “that one nah for your pocket o, if you ever feel like having a nice time you know how you can contact me” I carried my bag and left the chapel ..

I got to the hostel and met Tolani eating a jollof spaghetti “babe how far nah shey you cook my own join sha” I asked

“iffa no cook am wetin I gain, e dey for kitchen babe” she replied

The way I devoured the meal Ehn, if the food was a man it would have beaten me to death..

My phone rang and it was papa who called

“hello sister Ruth, I’m sorry to tell you this, ever since you left I’ve been in pains can you please come to King and queen hostel let’s have this nice time please ” papa said over the phone

“you should have told me earlier nah, I wouldn’t have gone home but no problem I will come ” I said.. He was very happy and we hung up .

“babe nah where you dey go this night like this” Tolani asked.

“it was my fellowship papa that just called me he said we will be having a fresher vigil at the chapel today and he begged me to come” I said

“well me sef dey Waka go club house o e Don tey wey I dance, make we Waka together nah” she said

“OK nah”

I searched for the best cloth to wear and I found one gown that look like a maternity gown and put it on.

“babe wetin happen nah church you dey go no be labour room o” Tolani said laughing

“na u sabi Oya make we dey go jor” I said

We left the house and when we get to the bus stop all the bike we stopped are not going towards the club house so Tolani suggested I go with the bike going to the chapel as she can find he ready to the club anytime..

I climbed the bike and when we’ve gone some distance away from where Tolani was I told the bike man to take me to King and queen hostel

“aunty I no dey go dat place o, iffa wan go sef nah 150 I go charge you o” the bike man complained

“no wahala I go pay you 200 naira” I said.

In few minutes we got to the hostel…

Diary of a Fuoye Su Babe

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Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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