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Friends in Love Episode 22 |Grand Finale


Friends in love Episode 22  (THE GRAND FINALE)

Written by Ace

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***continued from the last episode***

Juliet’s Dad turned around and saw a beautiful woman, he stretched forth his hands to greet her….

Jummy’s mom removed her dark google to be sure she was seeing the right person..

“Dotun!” She said with a confused look


“I’m sorry you two know each other?” Jummy and Julie chorused

“ This is the bastard that left us “Jane said looking at her daughter

“I’m sorry Jane but that isn’t true, you know that!”Dotun said sadly

“My parents didn’t want us together ,so made me sleep with another lady and sent us out of the country”

“I never knew that, so you couldn’t leave her for me?” Jane asked angrily

“I’m sorry Jane’

Juliet and Jummy quietly excused them smiling…

“So we are sisters” They said smiling even harder.

Juliet and Jummy turned around only to see their parents kissing passionately and Jane was clearly crying……

“Yuck” They both said bringing them back to reality.

Dotun and Jane released themselves and looked down like small kids caught red handed.

“When is the wedding?”Jummy said jokingly making everyone laugh

“Where is Dave?” Juliet asked in anger

So they went out of the eatery and went back to Dave’s house and started asking people for his whereabout, but no one knew.

Then it struck! “ Jummy do you remember that Dele guy?”

“yes what about him?” Jummy asked impatiently

“Do you remember he was obsessed with travelling out of the country?”


“Welcome to Vancouver , Canada” Dele said smiling

“Yeah bro” Dave said almost jumping for joy

“Dave if you have a dream , you have to believe in it, I told you we will travel out look at this!”Dele said boasting

“That’s true bro” He said as they walked out of the airport

“But I still love that Julie babe oo”

“Abeg forget that one jhoor, plenty girls dey here jhoor”

Are all guys like this , breaking girls hearts………..

Julie and Jummy , Jane and Dotun decided to meet at the Agodi garden…..

Juliet and Jummy sat together looking at the wonders of nature and they watched their parents look into each other’s eyes, they saw a rekindled love.

Juliet and Jummy held each others hands and promised themselves that no man will ever come in between them ! never again!


Did you enjoy it?

This is my first ever story guys

I wrote this in 2017!


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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