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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 18

 Jay the FUOYE Fresher Episode 18

Something big was coming and I honestly didn’t see that. ..all I knew was …I must punish that Ewa girl. ..I don’t know how or when. …

So help me God

Guys do you think she should be punished?


“Red card!” 

The loud shout of my name jolted me back into reality… “Shey u no dey go orientation ni?” Meedo inquired.. 

I just stared into the air like a baby that urinated on his body… 

“Red Card wake up…. We don dey go Orientation oo” 

“Orientation!” I jumped off my bed with my dirty boxers… (I’ve forgotten about those chics upstairs… Omo the last time I went for Orientation it ended in tears 😭.. (If you don’t remember check out episode 10) 

I was fetching water when I heard a lady greet me…” Good Morning” 

“Good Morning” I replied turning around.. Take a look at another black beauty… Dhelm.. 

“I stay upstairs now” 

“Oow, only you?” I asked 


She dropped her buckets and I helped her fetch water… (😉 that’s a good start… But I didn’t ask for her name or her department and level) 

The day of the orientation came suddenly… Honestly it was sudden o.

We sha freshened up.. Sprayed some perfume 😉

The gang was set.we were determined to kill Oye babes 😂

I(Jay), Mr kay, Taye, Hameedo, Moola and Agidi… The 6 of us went out with our different plans in mind..

The orientation was to start by 9am at new lecture theatre at faculty of science…

It was 8 30 and we haven’t left Ikole…

We got to the venue at the nick of time only to meet a large crown of students… The hall was filled up already… 

We were to line up and take attendance before entering (you must show school fee receipt).. I don’t which kind school I enter where you must wite attendance everytime… Even inside church.. 😂 

After everything sha they gave us the students hand book and a 3 day meal ticket… 

But we couldn’t enter the hall anymore.. 

Me and my guys scattered… Ready to catch fish… 😂 😉 

For the first time in forever… I was so scared to approach a lady… The trauma just couldn’t leave my head.. 

I called my guy “Segun/Sege” (he’s the one I met during the first day of resumption).. 

“Sege!” I said as soon as he picked the call 

“who be dis abeg?” 

“na Jay o” 

“Were!” he screamed on phone.. 

“Agba firiyoyo” I replied.. 

We kept whining ourselves for the next few minutes until I said 

“Alaaye, I dey Oye laikdis oo” 

“Say God!” 

“Aje” I replied 

“Inside Life” (this slang was reigning that time ehn) 

“La tiri Deeper Life” I replied chuckling.. (Those words were gotten from a song sung by Naira Marley) 

“I dey come your side oo, shebi na Irona you dey stay?” 

“Omo and I dey Awele laikdis ooo, maybe another time ” (he was trying to tell me not to come over.. But I didn’t get the message 

“Guy abeg na” I said pleading 

“Okay, con meet for Mini campus” 

I jumped on the next available bike… Students in Oye Campus are like x4 of those in Ikole Campus.. It was a battle to get bike.. 

I finally got to his apartment… It was cool.. 

We exchanged pleasantries and we started gisting about school life and girls… I used style to tell him about Ewa and suddenly he flared up.. 

“Jay u Don mess up” 

“Wetin I do na” 

“U suppose tell me na, I go treat her f**k up” 

“All the best (another reigning slang)” I replied.. 

We continued gisting and I began to wonder… What can this guy do.. 

I looked at his finger and I noticed a weird looking ring.. I started studying the way he talked… 

“This guy na cultist” I muttered under my breadth 

“Gbese re o!” 

Few minutes later a group of hard guys came into the room amd the way they greeted each other made me realise that I was in deep shit… 

Me sef did Like I was one agba.. I greeted them normal normal.. 

“Shenge ta ni bobo yen? (Shenge who is that guy?)” they asked 

“Padi mi ni(He’s my friend) he replied 

They Kept gisting sha…. 

As they talked my mind went back and forth… I thought about my parents back at home, my kid brother… My church… My life as a whole 

I suddenly remembered Psalms Chapter 1 vs 1″ Blessed is the man

who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,

nor stands in the way of sinners,

nor sits in the seat of scoffers; “

Then I remembered Prov Chapter 1 vs 10″ My son, if sinners entice you,

do not consent. “

How will someone not consent this kind thing 😢 

Have you ever been in trouble before? That’s the time you’ll remember God.. 

Will Jay join the set of cultists? 

Are they even cultists? 

Pray For Jay!! 😢 

Find out more in Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 19

Please if you are really enjoying the story.. Just drop comments so I can know you are following. 


Jay the Fuoye Fresher


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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