Hnd Vs Bsc, which is better Hnd in Polythecnics or Degree in University in Nigeria

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 Hnd Vs Bsc, which is better Hnd in Polythecnics or Degree in University in Nigeria 

HND vs Bsc, Hnd vs Degree… Which is better? A lot of students have been asking these questions… 

Especially Hnd holders in the Polytechnic, most of them feel this inferiority complex as a result of how the society in Nigeria today has raised the Degree or Bsc above the Hnd which won’t meant to be.. 

What is Hnd 

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is an academic higher education qualification of the United Kingdom. Qualification of the same title is also offered in Argentina, India, Malta, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and some other countries with British ties. This qualification can be used to gain entry into universities at an advanced level; it is considered equivalent to a foundation degree or the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.

What is Bsc /Degree 

BSc simply means Bachelor of Science, there are other short forms like this e.g B.Eng which means Bachelor of Engineering.. 

It is used as a title for graduates of a University or College as many may call it. So it is also called First Degree 

Reasons Why Bsc is Better than Hnd

  • BSc holders are usually considered for teaching (education) without further qualifications. Whereas, HND holders are expected to have in addition, PDG – Postgraduate Diploma in Education.
  • BSc holders are mostly accepted for MSc admission without further qualifications. Whereas, some schools will not admit an HND holder without professional qualifications (such as ICAN etc) or PGD
  • BSc holders are usually assigned with administrative duties at work rather than practical field assignments which their HND counterparts are exposed to.
  • Except most recently and to a few government establishments, HND holders were formerly employed with Grade Level 7; GL07 as opposed to Grade Level 08 for BSc holders. Yet, they are still limited to advancing beyond Grade level 14.

Reasons why Hnd is better than Bsc / Degree 

  • Most tuition fee charged by Polytechnics in Nigeria is less than N40,000. As such, education is more affordable polytechnic to all Nigerians, Unlike the University that many of them charge more than N90,000, Such as; LASU, ANSU, EKSU, AAU, and many other universities. 
  • In the USA graduates with Higher National Diploma are preferred than their BSc. counterpart because of the US. places preference for your practical skills than just theoretical knowledge. See How To Apply For Masters With HND To Study Abroad
  • Within 2 years, the National diploma ND certificate can lead you to working in enviable positions. To start earning a salary with your certificate doesn’t have to cost you 5 years, and this has been very helpful, especially for those who depend on self sponsorship.
  • You can decide to change your course of study after your national diploma if there any reason to do so. More so, you can run a national diploma programme in Lagos and continue your HND in another polytechnic in any part of Nigeria. You can also go further to study at the university in any preferred state.
  • Easy as it sounds, polytechnic admission is less competitive. While some individuals may have been working after university admission for over 5 to 6 years without any breakthrough. Polytechnics have made admission easier, with one or two trials, you will conquer the problem of admission
  • Presently now, some jobs are design only for National Diploma holders and HND holder and as such, there will be lesser competition for those with polytechnic Degree. In some industry like the Banking sector, there will be a specification that only ND certificates are needed for a particular position which excludes BSc. and HND degree holder. You should also remember that to be HND result holder, you must have an ND certificate.
  • Things are equal in the polytechnic as all Polytechnic results have the same value either private, northern, eastern, or western polytechnic. However, the Degree certificate is not equal and a federal university certificate is more valuable and wanted than some other degree certificate.
  • Admission at some universities is by ‘Who knows who’, money, connection, intelligence, and many other factors. You may have to pay a sum of the money before you can be considered for admission to some university.
  • The biggest thing is, Polythecnics do more of practicals compared to their University/Degree counterparts.. An Hnd holder who studied engineering will d9 better than his B eng/ Bsc in the same department. Biggest Fact! 

Hnd is on the same level with Bsc in Nigeria 


The House of Reps of the Federal Government of Nigeria has passed a bill to abolish HND/BSc. Dichotomy to close the gap between BSc. Degree and Higher National Diploma. This is the reason recently, in certain agencies, HND holders are upgraded to equal salaries like their degree counterparts.

In conclusion, I hope have made my point on the topic Hnd vs Bsc or Hnd Vs Degree

So guys what do you think, which is better, HND or Bsc Degree.

Please do well to drop a comment if this has really helped you. Thanks❤️


Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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