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 Pictures of Fuoye hostel, Fuoye Hostel portal, Fuoye hostel  fees ,Names of Fuoye Hostels and Fuoye hostel related questions answered

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Does Fuoye have hostel?

Of course they do… 

Check out the website student.fuoye.edu.ng

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Fuoye Hostel Allocation 

How do they give people hostel in Fuoye 

The allocation of bed spaces for 2020 /2021 Session will take the underlined sequence:

1. Both new and Returning students are eligible for bed spaces in Oye Campus while, 200-500 level students are eligible for bed spaces in Ikole Campus.

2. Interested candidates should collect accommodation form at the Student Affairs Division after his or her screening at the Academic Affairs Unit.

3. Approved Candidates are expected to raise a Bank Draft in favour of Federal University Oye Ekiti and proceed to the bursary unit to change to receipt.

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4. Payment is expected to be made within three (3) days of approval of eligibility to avoid forfeiture of space.


Any payment made without collecting accommodation form will not be accepted.

Access to registration for an allocation of bed spaces is on the basis of first come first served.

Fuoye hostel fees for freshers

How much is Fuoye hostel fee for freshers? 

Fuoye hostel fee for freshers is not that costly 

Fuoye Hostel Fee for Ikole Campus – N35000 

Fuoye Hostel Fee for Oye Campus – N50000

How to pay Fuoye hostel fee

1.Fill the hostel accommodation request form at the student Affairs office or download from the University Portal

2. Submit the filled form to the Student Affairs Officer

3. Collect authority to pay for the form from the Student Affairs Office

4. Get a bank Draft from ANY COMMERCIAL BANK in favour of Federal university Oye Ekiti for the hostel fee within two days of collection of authority to pay (Oye hostel is #50,000 naira and Ikole Hostel #35,000 naira)

5. Take the Bank draft to Bursary for conversion into receipt

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6. Take the bursary receipt to collect Hostel Accommodation form and two copies of Hostel Eligibility form (HEF) at Student Affairs Office.

7. Fill the HEF form and submit one at the University security Unit while the second must be acknowledged by the Security Unit.

8. Submit the secoend acknowledged HEF along with HAF to the Student Affairs Division for allocation of Bed space, collection of room key and code of conduct.

9. Proceed to the Hostel and report to the Hostel supervisors for further formalities before being accommodated.

10. Remember that the HEF which you filled at the instance of security unit empowers the Hostel Management Committee to eject you from the hostel when a confirmation of security threat or general witness is established against you.

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11. Enjoy your stay for 2020/2021 Academic Session

 NB: For more information contact studentaffairs@fuoye.edu.ng 

This is for for information and necessary action


Dr. Dosu Malomo

Ag. Dean Students Affair

The Student Affairs Division, FUOYE

Fuoye male hostel

Does Fuoye have male hostel? 

Yes they do

Fuoye female hostel

Does Fuoye have female hostel… Of course they do

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Please what’s the number of students in a room at Fuoye Hostel 

It ranges from room to room. Fuoye hostel cant take more than 8 people per room

Names of hostels in Fuoye

Fuoye Off Campus Hostels 

What are the names of hostels in Fuoye? 

You ask questions too much 

Names of Hostels in Oye Campus

  • Mary Royal Hostel 
  • VGC Hostel 
  • Abu Dhabi Hostel 
  • Adejoke Hostel 
  • Five star hostel 
  • Chocolate Roof Villa
  • Sunrise Hostel 
  • Lobinto Hostel 
  • Williams Hostel 
  • Rock Haven Hostel 
  • MOG Hostel 
  • Lagos Villa
  • Temple Lodge 
  • Awele Villa

Names of Hostels in Ikole  Campus

  • Faraloke Villa 
  • Green Roof 
  • Chief Tony Villa
  • New Texas Villa
  • Zomos Lodge 
  • Shining Star Hostel 
  • GOG Villa 
  • Aboki Villa
  • Lead Villa
  • Filani Villa
  • Viesther Villa 

Pictures of Fuoye  Off Campus Hostels

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Contact Undergragra on http://Wa.me/+2347012830086?text=hii


Call : 07012830086 / 090151378214


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