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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 12

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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Episode 12


**continued from last episode ***. I tripped and fell.. 😢 💔As I was struggling to stand up.. Someone held my hands..Those hands were so soft.. I wanted to hold on to those hands forever..Who held my hands?C’mon Guess jhor..*****

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Who do you think it is?(😂 Omo I love this suspense)well it was…Guys it’s not Ewa ooo 😂Its not something you can imagine aswear 😂..
Those hands were so soft, smooth and cool… For a few seconds I felt like I was in heaven.

“Guy stand up jhor” Meedo said as he pulled me upI was dazzled…. Na guy hand soft like this?Have you ever been in school and guys are rushing to get a seat? Mhen you haven’t seen Engineering boys.

Boys were flying over chairs like armed robbers running away from the cops.Bags begin dey fly from corner to corner like bullets in the Vietnam War 😂.

As a guy na me sef jump over some chairs and I finally got a seat..I, Mr Kay, Moola, Meedo (the soft hand guy) and Agidi got a whole row of seat… I was sitting at the edge..After the chairs were filled up. Come and see Engineering boys ooo. Our girls sef are like boys with b**bs 😂.

There was a stack of plastic chairs around Mechatronics building (Mechatronics building is a few metres away from the Elt.. (right now there are make shift classes in that area, Fuoye is growing aswear). Mechatronics building is the only building with a group of classrooms for lectures in the engineering department as at that time..)Students started running to get chairs.

Finally the class was filled up and many students were still standing..The lecturer started his lecture on the topics on Phy 103(Introductory Physics 3)Honestly the class was already getting boring until…”shift to the front” One guy spoke from the back..Then chairs started adjusting and her 💺 seat got beside mine.

At first I was forming serious boy, until Agidi said

“Reddie look that babe wey dey ur side”

“which babe?” I said pretending to be listening to the lecturer.

“Please where you around during the last class?” a sweet voice asked..I turned to my right to see this lady……….For the first few seconds I went mute…

Then she asked again..”where you around during the last class?”

“Yes I was” I replied

“Your note please” she said apologetically. (why do girls looks so cute when trying to ask for something?)I gave her without thinking.

Then she started writing.. As she was writing I was using one eye to sample her.. (my mind was no longer in class 😂).

“You are red card right?” she asked smiling a little.

“Ouch… Yeah I am” I replied

“Please call me Jay” I added”I love the name red card 😂” she said laughing freely this time.

“Please call me Jay na” I said forming fake sadness

“Red Card” she said playfully “I will shout oo” she threatened playfully.

 “Kuku call me red card 😂” I said smiling and my third leg was smiling too (if you know you know) (by this time my guys were already murmuring.. Boiz sha)”That’s not fair 😢” I replied sounding like I was crying”😂 The name is actually cute just like you” she said in a super sweet voice.

I mean one mad sweet angelic voice (na so my guys begin dey form fake cough oo)”Your joke was actually funny, those kind of jokes are only for intellectuals” she added .Mhen at that moment… I fell in love oo ,cute, sweet voice, intelligent.

This is interesting”This babe fine pass Ewa jhor “I said to myself” So let me guess, you watch a lot of American movies right? ” She asked” Yeah kinda… Not real…. ” I got interrupted by Agidi” Babe don’t mind him ooo, he likes movies like crazy”

“Check his phone, he hardly sleeps at night… Always doing night sub ” Agidi added.

She giggled and touched my shoulder slightly as Agidi said that.. (father Lord take my soul 😢… Which kind human being be this Agidi guy na)

Before I knew it, we started sharing movies through Xender and I saw some very dope movies I was planning to download.We were done after a while and we joined other students clapping for the lecturer, so he can leave the class 😂… Fuoye students no get joy..After a while, the man left the class and rushing began again oo..I turned to my guys and asked “Re we legging or firing bike?””Your babe don comot” Agidi said.

I turned to where that babe was sitting and she had disappeared..😢 😢 God!! I didn’t even ask for her number….or her department!! 😭😭😭I don’t know her name”Red Card you f**k up o” Meedo said.

On the way out of the lecture theatre dem boys were dissing me ooo..”Omo to ti fo fun e(the babe was already falling in love with you)” Mr Kay said “Aje” the other guys said together I felt really bad ooo 😢.. (have you ever been in this situation before? Drop your comments after this post) 

We sha got out of the hall and started walking out of school.. 100 level engineering students were the only ones left in school.. So the school was kind of quiet.

 As we were going.. I was using my eyes to trace the babe ooo.. But how will I even call her.. When I don’t know her name.. Guys! I think I’m a big idiot.

 “Jay! ” A lady called from behind Who is calling me? Drop your comments below… Be careful before answering this question 😂 you can never get it correctly I promise 

Watchout for Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 13..

 Are you enjoying this story?

I am Ace


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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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