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There are 40 questions which you are to answer in 15 minutes that gives you roughly 30 seconds per question.


If you can get at least 60%, you can be rest assured that you’ll ace PHY 103 exam




In a normal exam you will be asked between 40 – 60 questions but I only arranged 40 questions




Do not be in a hurry to answer the questions

Do not waste time on a question you don’t know

Move as fast as possible and starting with questions that don’t have calculation first to save time

Always crosscheck

Don’t be in a hurry to submit, you are not in a competition

Don’t be scared. Getting an A is easy

Don’t be over confident, you can end up a D, E or F. Calm your blood, no be only you sabi book

Please do well to use our comment box incase there’s a message you want to pass to us

70 – 100 A


60 – 69 B


50 – 59 C


45 – 49 D


40 – 44 E


0 – 39 F


I wish you success





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PHY 101

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1. According to Newton's First Law of Motion,


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2. A stone was projected with a speed of 8m/s at an angle of 15°, find its range (take g=10

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3. A ball is projected at an angle of elevation of 60° with an Initial velocity of 100m/s^2, find the time of flight

4 / 50

4. ____________ is the Head of Physics Department in Federal University Oyè Ekiti?

5 / 50

5. One remarkable consequence of relativity is that simultaneity of events and sometimes even their time order depend on one's

6 / 50

6. The property of a moving object to continue moving is what Galileo called


7 / 50

7. An object moves at a constant speed of 6m/s. This means that the object

8 / 50


The two postulates of Einstein is known as

9 / 50

9. The meaning of frame of reference is _________

10 / 50

10. A block of mass 10kg was moved by a force of 20N. Find the coefficient of Friction

11 / 50

11. The path through which projectile travels is called ___________

12 / 50

12. When the velocity of an object is doubled, its Kinetic Energy is

13 / 50


The simple assumption that all possible reference frames moving with uniform velocity relative to one another are equivalent for the statement of laws of physics is called the_________

14 / 50

14. In the laboratory, the speed of sound is measured to be 344 meters per second, different from the actual value of 343 meters per second. What is the percent error in the measurement?

15 / 50

15. Suppose the position of a particle at time t, is given by the position vector, the derivative of the position gives

16 / 50


___________ is the physical entity that can be measured? 

17 / 50

17. A particle has an acceleration of 2x^3 + 3x^2 at t=2s, determine the velocity of the particle

18 / 50


___________ quantities are known to be independent

19 / 50


The speed of light is

20 / 50

20. __________ can be defined as the summation of the mass of an object and the square of the perpendicular distance

21 / 50

21. A resultant force of 15N acts on a body for 4s mass 4kg. Calculate the change in momentum of the body within this period

22 / 50

22. The simple assumption that all possible reference frames moving with uniform velocity relative to one another are equivalent for the statement of laws of physics is called the_________

23 / 50


A car moving with a velocity of 15m/s accelerate uniformly at rate of 2m/s^2 to reach a velocity of 20m/s. The time taken and distance travelled are respectively

24 / 50

24. The property of a body to remain at rest or to continue to move in a straight line, is known as

25 / 50

25. A girl is riding a bicycle along a straight road at constant speed at constant speed, and passes a friend standing at a bus stop (event 1). At a time of 60s later the friend catches a bus (event 2). If the distance separating the events is 126m in frame of the girl on the bicycle, what is the bicycle's speed?

26 / 50

26. According to Newton's First Law of Motion,



27 / 50

27. Force that acts on a mass of 1g and gives it an acceleration of 1cm/s^2 is defined as

28 / 50

28. A body in free fall in a vacuum

29 / 50

29. A _______________ body is one for which the distance between any two points of the body remains the same when the body is translated or rotated

30 / 50


The dynamics along with the problems without referring to toffee is force causing the motion of the body is

31 / 50

31. A bowling ball at a height of 36 meters above the ground is falling vertically at a rate of 12 meters per second. Which of these best describes its fate?

32 / 50


A rock is dropped from a cliff that is 10m above ground level. How long does it take the rock to reach the ground

33 / 50

33. Total displacement covered in total time taken is termed as

34 / 50

34. The force that keeps an object moving in a circular path is called

35 / 50

35. A particle is launched such that its maximum range is 26.4m.What is the speed at which it is lauched

36 / 50

36. Calculate the average angular acceleration rotating at an angle of 30° for 5s

37 / 50

37. All inertia frame of reference

38 / 50

38. A gun of mass 10kg released a bullet of mass 20g at a speed of 100m/s. Find the gun's speed of recoil

39 / 50

39. To report the of an object, we must specify both its speed and its direction .

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40. When you look at the speedometer in a moving car, you can see the car's

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41. A book is at rest on top of a table. Which of the following is correct?



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42. An object is thrown with a velocity v= 5.0i + 8.0j in m/s. Find the time taken to reach the maximum height

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43. The unit of angular acceleration is

44 / 50


Which of the following defines a local space in which the positions of other objects are then described

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45. Which of the following quantities has the same dimensions as Kinetic Energy, 1/2mv^2?

46 / 50

46. Motion of object without a specific direction is

47 / 50

47. Galiliean invariance is also known as

48 / 50

48. The first postulate of Albert Einstein in special relativity states that

49 / 50

49. At what time is the particle at the position x= 3t^2 - 12t + 20 at rest

50 / 50

50. Projectile 'A' is fired at an angle of 50° above the horizontal; projectile 'B' is fired with the same speed at an angle of 40° above the horizontal. Assuming level ground and negligible air resistance, which of the following is true

Your score is

The average score is 43%


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