Campus Love Stories

Friends in love, Episode 15

Friends in Love

Written by Ace
Episode 15


*continued from last episode*
She walked irritatingly as she dragged her feet on the floor
‘Welcome ma’ the lady said kneeling
‘Hi Dave’
‘What da….
‘Do you realize this is a grievious crime?’
‘Come on! I love you Dave’
‘Do you realize your friend will be so worried sick about all this’
‘Don’t you ever mention Julliet when we talk!, all the gifts! Your birthday everything was me and you dare mention Juliet?’
‘lock up the door!’ Jummy screamed in anger.
Immediately the door was locked…
‘So na Jummy all this time?’ Dele asked suprised
‘Guy which kind question be that na’
‘Hey babes’ Jummy said walking into their midst. Incase you’ve forgotten the lush gals(Julliet,Jummy,Aminat e.t.c)
‘Hi’ they chorused.
‘Julliet is going to kill herself, you have to talk to her’ Aminat said concerned
Jummy walked into her room
‘It’s hightime I told her the truth!’she thought
****. ****
Julliet decied to cool off a little after what her bestfriend told her.
‘There is nothing like having a good friend!’ she thought and smiled.
But where is Dave?
She walked quietly into the lecture room, ofcourse she was late.
This boring man again sha, Mr Ofetoberi…the whole class was silent as the wave of sleep swept through the whole room.
‘Make sure you submit this project, first thing tomorrow morning!’
‘Yes sir’ The whole class responded because he was on his way out.
It was an evening class and Julliet was on her way home, then she saw something weird.
‘Jummy going to an hotel?’ She wondered.
‘When did that start?’ she silently followed her up, but was stopped by some security men.
She released her self from their arms and ran to the receptionist .
‘Excuse me how can I help you?’
‘That lady who went up there, do you know her room please?’
‘I can’t help you with that’ the receptionist replied.
‘Do you know my father?’ She asked angrily
‘who is he?’
‘You guys don’t know his daughter?’
‘We are sorry ma, please you can go’
She walked briskly as she smiled ‘ that trick worked’
Then she heard Jummy’s voice again
‘Jummy please stop this’ Dave said begging as his hands were tied to a bed. Dele on the other hand was locked up in the toilet
She climbed on him and brought her lips close to his…. then the door opened.
Watch out for episode 16


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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