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Friends in love episode 16

Friends in Love

Written by Ace
Episode 16
*continued from last episode*
‘Jummy please stop this’ Dave said begging as his hands were tied to a bed. Dele on the other hand was locked up in the toilet
She climbed on him and brought her lips close to his…. then the door opened.
‘How dare you?’ She shouted
‘Come on, I’m in love with him don’t you get?’ Jummy said laughing a liTtle as she jumped off the bed.
Dele laughed and said ‘ I’m enjoying this'(He heard the conversation from the toilet)
‘why are you doing this?’ Julliet asked with tears in her eyes
‘Awwn! You know I always get whatever I want right?’
‘I want him and I’m going to get him’
‘Jummy please!’
‘Boys leave them alone’ Jummy ordered as she left the room with her goons.
Julliet rushed to her Dave as she hugged him passionately.
‘I missed you’ she said weeping
‘I missed you more’ Dave whispered
Dele watched the love birds for a while then he said’Can someone untie my rope please’
‘Wow, this is where you live?’
‘Yes Dave, me and my dad’
They were still jisting in the garage when he came in.
He got down from his car with his mouth agape.
‘Who the hell is this?’ He asked sounding angry
‘Jullie I have to go, see you later’ he said and winked.
‘But Dad, that was too harsh’ Julliet said frowning
‘who the hell is that?’
‘My boyfriend dad’
‘and you never brought him to meet me’ he said as he walked up the flight of stairs
‘I brought him to meet you today’ she said as she jogged up to meet him
‘I hope he is nt some gold digger?’ he said as he opened the door.
‘Dad! He is not!’ she screamed
‘Excuse me, how do you know that?’
‘okay, I agree with you’
Dave got back home only to meet Dele eating.
‘Dude, you are eating?’
‘No bro, I’m bathing’
‘Afa na, u dey para’
‘why I no go para,u dey kiss ur babe u no rememba say dem tie me’ Dele said smiling
‘Ahn na, I didn’t kiss her’
‘ if I throw you punch ehn’ Dele said smiling as he finished up his food.
‘Wetin apen I tink say u go Jullie house na’
‘Yea, her father chase me comot’
‘Pele but bro, you have to make him like you and this is our chance to get cash and travel abroad’
‘Dele! Wetin dey work u’
Julliet narrated her whole story about how she met Dave and how Jummy captured her.
‘And you never called me?’ He asked angry
‘I’m sorry Dad’
‘I knew she would stab you at your back’
‘Dad na’
His phone began to ring…
‘Hello’ he picked it up immediately
‘Who is this please’
‘This is Mummy Jumoke’
Watch out for episode 17


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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