Campus Love Stories

Friends in love, Episode 14

Friends in Love

Written by Ace
Episode 14


*continued from last episode*
Just gotta enjoy myself bro, besides she said you know the boss!’
Then It clicked
‘Tracy!’ Dave screamed in anger’
They both walked angrily as they were followed by three hefty men.
‘This is house!’ They said pointing towards a particular door
One of the men went close to the door and gave it a punch and the door collapsed immediately!
Desmond was sleeping in his bedroom when he heard the noise. He rushed downstairs immediately only to meet three hefty men and of course Jummy and Julliet
‘You finally took him, just like you said’ Julliet said crying
‘ Where is he?’ Jummy said with anger in her voice
‘I should ask you’ he replied mockingly
‘ Can you hear him?’
‘ Boys!’
‘Yes ma!’ they replied
‘Bundle him to the boot’ Jummy finally said as she consoled her friend
‘Julie take it easy’
** ** ** **
‘We need to get out of here’
‘Are you for real?’
‘Guy wetin dey work you na’
‘Forget bro, I dey enjoy life here’
Dave was getting angry with the way his friend was responding
‘We have been fucking adopted bro’ Dave said out of frustration
Dele ignored him as he continued drinking the juice on the table. He was so relaxed that he was even watching a movie on the  tv placed in the room. Netflix and Chill..LOL
‘Tracy!, Come and face me!’ Dave shouted
** ** **
‘Is something wrong?’
‘what’s this news I’m hearing’
‘no not my D-strings’
She dialled his number over and over again but she couldn’t get through. Of course she knew there were other girls but….
‘Who can do this?’ She paced around..
She was so scared
‘I just hope I don’t find his dead body somewhere’
That very thought of death scared her so much
A lady walked into the room and said ‘ she is here’
Dave jumped up immediately while Dele stirred a little
She walked irritatingly as she dragged her feet on the floor
‘Welcome ma’ the lady said kneeling
‘Hi Dave’
‘What da….
Now we know it’s a lady
But who?


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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